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The following Common Ground Devices are not posting to the Exchange for sale, though the Exchange says they are: Romulan Osol Twist, Romulan Ale, Jumbo Romulan Mollusk, & Tranya. I suspect that this affects all Common Ground Devices, though I'm not for sure. I did do a test AND CONFIRMED that it isn't just my account by using my wife's account to try & posted the same items on the Exchange from that account, and again, with no success. These items will post to the sell window with a successful post message from the game, however, when attempt is made to view them in the Buyers' window, they DO NOT list. I have requested GM help on this matter before & have submitted a ticket w/o positive feedback. Feedback I have received made it sound as though I didn't know what I was doing, which is insulting considering I have been playing since Beta. I understand your plates are full with the start of this game; however, it is non-productive when we (the players) reports bugs, & get that type of response. IF you need more detailed information to attempt to re-create this bug, feel free to contact me directly @, & I will gladly assist in providing any info you made need, & I would appreciate being kept “in the loop” on process regarding this bug, since I’m starting to collect many of these high price items that I could use the credits from.


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