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[Updated for Season 5]

A starship generates power from its warp core and applies this power to four subsystems: Weapons, Shields, Engines, and Auxiliary (Aux).
  • Weapons power controls the damage caused by your energy weapons (beams and cannon). It does not affect projectile weapons (torpedoes and mines). At 50 power your energy weapons do listed damage, at 100 power you get double damage.
  • Shield power affects the regeneration level of your shields. Below 25 power your shields do not regenerate. At 25 you get half rate, 50 gives you listed rate. Each point of power above 50 increases your shield regeneration rate by 4%, So at 100 shield power your shields regenerate at triple their listed rate. Also, higher shield power increases shield damage resistance. 50 Power is 14% resistance, 100 is 28% (formula is Power Level*0.28%).
  • Engine power controls your speed and affects your turn rate. If your effective engine power is normally low, you'll want a Combat-Impulse Engine. If it's normally high, you'll get better performance out of a Hyper-Impulse Engine. In between? Stick to a standard Impulse Engine.
  • Aux power is used to boost various abilities including Auxiliary to SIF, Dampening Field, Energy Siphon, Hazard Emitters, Jam Sensors, Nadion Inversion, Sensor Scan, and Tractor Beam. Cloaking/Battle Cloak strength is also affected. Aux abilities are scaled to be 50% effective at 25 power, 100% effective at 100 power.

The way power is assigned to your subsystems is controlled by the player via your ship's HUD, and can be changed at will (though a shift in power may take a few seconds to complete as affected by your Power Transfer Rate). There are four preset modes: Attack, Defense, Speed, and Balanced. Custom changes can be made temporarily or saved, altering any subsystem in 5 point increments (never below 25 or above 100).

All ships get a base 200 power points. This can be increased by several factors:
  • Skills in the Starship Engineering branch. All are usable by any captain regardless of profession (not just Engineers). Starship Warp Core Efficiency and Starship Warp Core Potential affect all subsystems. The Starship {SubSystem} Performance skills only affect their specific system (ie Starship Engine Performance only helps your Engine power levels). Warp Core Efficiency only affects power levels when a subsystem is set below 75 (ie less than or equal to 70) and is most effective closer to 25. Potenial and Performance skills will improve power at all levels.
    - Starship Warp Core Efficiency
    - Starship Warp Core Potential
    - Starship Engine Performance
    - Starship Shield Performance
    - Starship Auxiliary Systems Performance
    - Starship Weapon Systems Performance
  • Racial traits (determined at character creation and can't be changed once play begins) include:
    - Efficient Captain: +15 to Starship Warp Core Efficiency. Can not be combined with Joined Symbiote.
    - Joined Symbiote: +3.3 to Starship Warp Core Potential skill. Can not be combined with Efficient Captain.
    - Warp Theorist: +10 to Starship Warp Core Potential skill.
  • Special Bridge Officers with the Efficient space trait. These BOs give a +7.5 to your Captain's Starship Warp Core Efficiency skill and are stackable with the Efficient Captain trait and other Efficient BOs.
    - Amazon Collector's Edition Borg Bridge Officer (Also available in the C-Store).
    - Some Uncommon, Rare, or Very Rare Saurian (Federation) or Lethean (KDF) Bridge Officers may have the Efficient trait. These can be obtained randomly from leveling and some Duty Officer assignments.
    * Note: These BOs are often available on the Exchange with in-game EC, though can be quite expensive.
  • Ship Class can also affect your power level. There are a variety of different bonuses depending on your Class. Here are several examples:
    - Federation Cruisers and the KDF Orion Patrol Cruiser get +5 to each of the four subsystems.
    - Federation Escorts and KDF Raiders (Bird-of-Prey)/Raptors (including the Bírel Retrofit) get +15 to their Weapons power.
    - Federation Science Vessels and the KDF Varanus Fleet Support Vessel get +10 to Aux power.
    - Federation Light Cruiser (TOS Enterprise only) get +3 to each subsystem.
    - Federation Light Escort (NX Replica) get +5 Weapons power.
    - Federation Light Science Vessel (Obereth) get +5 Aux power.
    - KDF Battle Cruisers get +10 to each Weapons and Engine power levels.
    - KDF Vo'Quv Carriers get +10 to Aux power.
    - KDF Kar'fi Carriers get +10 to Weapons and +5 Aux power levels.
    - KDF Nausicaan Guramba Siege Destroyer has two Power Settings: Innate +10 to Weapons Power and +5 to Engine Power; and Siege Mode +10 Weapons, +5 Shield, and -5 Engine.
    - Starter Federation Light Cruisers (the Miranda classes) have no bonus.
  • Equipment: There are a variety of sets, consoles, and other ship equipment that can provide a bonus. Here are some examples:
    - Aegis Technological Research Set (details):
    Aegis Covariant Shield Array grants a +7.6 to your Starship Shield Performance skill.
    Aegis Graviton Deflector Array grants +5 Shield power.
    - Retro Assimilated Borg Technology Set (details):
    Assimialted Graviton Deflector Array grants +5 Aux power.
    Assimilated Module (Universal Console) +5 Weapon power.
    Assimilated Regenerative Shield Array +5 Shield power.
    Assimilated Subtranswarp Engines +5 Engine power.
    - Engineering Consoles (Bonus varies by mark/rarity):
    Plasma Distribution Manifold increase Weapon power.
    Field Emitter for Shield power.
    Injector Assembly Engines.
    Booster Modulator Aux.
    Other pieces of gear including the MACO Resilient Shield Array, Batteries, Red Matter Devices and some Captain/Bridge Officer Abilities will temporarily increase your power levels. Because these effects are temporary and (usually) clearly described in-game, the calculator does not incorporate them.

The system can be overwhelming. The STO Power Calculator planning tool is designed to help you make sense of all the above. Download this Excel file, input your current stats into the green fields, and you'll see your power levels displayed in the blue. Play with the numbers and watch how different stats affect your power and help determine what would work best for your play style.

Ship Power Calculator v5.2.00
>>>> Download Here <<<<

Associated Programs:
This file has been made with MS Excel 2003. It is tested compatible with Excel 2000-2007. You can also use this with the free Open Office (last tested wtih v3.1.1) ( Use WinZip or 7-Zip (free here: to unzip the archive, as needed.

Please post suggestions, comments, compliments, complaints (gasp), or questions. When changes occur in the game I will make updates and post them here. Thanks for stopping by and may the Solar Winds always fill your sails!!

Continued in next post...
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# 2 Other Notes/Threads:
05-07-2010, 08:32 AM
Here are some other notes/threads:
* I added a "testing procedure" in post #89 that can help you see just what Aux Power does.

* A second test regarding Eng/Aux Power and Turn Rates has been added in post #128.

* I highly recommend you check out Nagorak's Weapon's Power Guide for an incredibly well-crafted treatise on weapon's power and multiple weapon damage scaling.

* Also, Nagorak's Weapon DPS Calculator, is a must have!

* If you would like more information regarding Ship's Power, I'd like to direct you to Fuzun's Beginner's Guide to Ship Power.
Final Note: The Calculator has been around for a long time and much of the early thread might refer to skills or in-game features that are no longer available after the launch of Season 5 (12/05/11). If you want to pick-up the conversation from S5 forwards, start at post #232.
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# 3
05-24-2010, 06:54 AM
Thanks alot. This is very helpful for planing.
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# 4
05-24-2010, 07:11 AM
Totally awesome tool. Been looking for something like this when considering a respec. Thanks.
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# 5
05-24-2010, 09:32 AM
Thanks for this - very useful and actually helped me understand the subtle differences in some of the skills - i give this two thumbs up !!
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# 6
05-24-2010, 09:42 AM
I'll have to give this a look when i have time later today. sounds promising.
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# 7
05-24-2010, 03:34 PM
You're all most welcome. I'm glad you're enjoying it and finding it useful. If I may ask for feedback, did you find it easy to use/self explainable? If not, any suggestions for improvements? Are the example tabs of my characters even needed (I was thinking they may be confusing/too much info)?

Also, props again to Binkenstein, Kiala, and Tiran_Diaz for their forumlas/groundwork.

By the by, I just started a new character for my own research purposes, and I hope to make more "calculators", similar to this one, to help spec out other skills/abilities... Eventually, my goal would be that you could type in your skill levels and see, virtually, what the results would be for your power levels, DPS, engine speed, turn rate, BO abilities, etc. Sort of the ultimate character planner/respec tool.

I don't get to play that character often (as I'm mostly playing my "real characters" to be honest ) and they keep changing the rules/formula. Heh. From what I hear, there's a new version on tribble that's going to change the power settings, so if that goes to Holodeck, watch for an updated PowerCalc.
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# 8
05-24-2010, 03:43 PM
Please correct me if I'm wrong. I was under the impression that the Efficient BOff skill bonus does not stack, so the BOff quantity field should not be necessary.

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# 9
05-24-2010, 03:59 PM
Originally Posted by Cygnus-X-1
Please correct me if I'm wrong. I was under the impression that the Efficient BOff skill bonus does not stack, so the BOff quantity field should not be necessary.

I can not say for sure, only that it was referenced as stackable in one of the threads I read, which prompted me to add the quantity field to begin with. I'll try to re-find my source on this. I, myself, only have 1x Borg BOff, and have never actually seen another with the Efficiency Trait (and I periodically search the Exchange, maybe one day... ), much less have a 2nd to test with, myself, so I took their word for it.

Have you two and can you put in your stats to see if they stack or not? Or perhaps anyone out there have more than one BOff w/the Efficent trait who can tell us for sure either way?

If the quantity field is proven unnecessary, it's certainly easy enough for me to remove (and of course, one could always leave it at 1 until a change were made).

(Edit, I did finally find the Saurians on the Exchange, see below post #14...)
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# 10
05-25-2010, 04:18 AM
Very cool spreadsheet
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