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There is nothing worse than trying to switch weapons in the middle of a fire fight and have nothing happen. You sit there for a second not sure if the command went through or if its just delayed.

Every second counts in a fire fight...if the weapon switch didnt go through I need to know immeadiatly, not sit there waiting to see that it didnt take. I dont know whats worse, waiting the extra second to find out it didnt go through...or assuming it didnt go through, hit the button again(because you dont want to waste that second hopingn it did) just to see the intended weapon finally switch in and then switch right back to the original weapon

Devs...I can understand if my switch is being hindered due to an attack Im recieveing, but here is the issue. We have no way of knowing if the switch is being hindered by combat dynamics or because of the horrible and persisent issue with hotbar lag(its been a complaint since beta).

So how about this. Whenever the game actually receives the command to switch a weapon or activate a hotbar function, let it be shown on the bar(regardless of if its going to go through or not). If the command will activate without delay, let it look normals....but if there will be a delay due to game mechanic(too many functions at once, delay due to being attacked, etc), then have the activation show, but make it red....TELLING US THE COMMAND WENT THROUGH. If it doesnt switch immediatly, we know its lag, if it switchs and goes red, we know our switch and usage is purposely being delayed as a game feature.

So when I switch weapons, the new weapon Im switching to will switch spots in the UI, but if I wont be able to use it immeadiatly, its shows red until it can be used. So Im not screwed either waiting to see if it went through...or hitting the button again because I fear its lag and find myself flipping back and forth repeatedly between the two weapons.

This is the gaming version of a user induced oscillation...when there is an unexpected delay between input and output, the person will tend to re-input in attempt to get the desired outcome...resulting in the additional inputs actually aggravating the problem.

Either way you look at it, the player is losing precious time either waiting to see or repeatedly flipping abck and forth trying t o get the right weapon out.
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05-11-2010, 07:19 AM
Agreed... very frustrating, makes ground play even more intolerable.
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05-11-2010, 10:22 PM
Im just happy somebody understood what I was trying to say.
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05-12-2010, 03:09 AM
I hated the delay before and thought the addition of the audio notification meant it was no longer an issue. No audio notification? Try to swap again! ... no such luck. I've had plenty of times where I go to swap, hear the audio notification and still end up using the same weapon. I know it can't be swapped while it's firing but if I hit to swap it while that happens surely it's a simple case of registering the event to complete after the weapon fires. Some set their weapons up in a very specific way, I know I do with one expose weapon and one exploit weapon and every small delay might mean the difference between hitting that exploited enemy or missing the chance.

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