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I mentioned this in another thread, but a few friends convinced me it deserved it's own thread so there goes:

Basically the concept is simple, make mission rewards give a few c-store points. (say 1 or 2 on normal, 3-4 on advanced 5-6 on elite)

This would allow those of us who feel the C-store style micro transactions is the rbght for cash cows, a chance to earn the rewards through in game effort and more importantly give all of us RA 5's something to do other then a few dailies and playing some other video game.

C-store stuff would sell the traditional way to the "see it now gotta have it now" customer base and those who are casual gamers and don't have time to grind for the rewards they want. The rest of us can earn them slowly over time if we like.

Just doing enough missions to buy every single item int he c-store that way would keep most people busy for several weeks at least, doubly so if missions scaled in difficulty to the highest ranking member of the team doing it. (Challenge and incentive to play all thoseLT3 and LC2 missions you skipped over while leveling to RA5)

Any thoughts on this?

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