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Is there any way they could make Ship variants sell able on the exchange or even trad able? What if they made all of the Ships tier 3 and below White - Tier 4 and Tier 5 Ships Blue? Then make Endgame Ships that are Purple and separate from the tiers all together. Maybe even include the Hull characteristics of Lower level ships yet would still pack a very big punch. That way it would diversify the type of ships you see flying around.

Purple ships could include the hull characteristics from the range of tier 3 - tier 5 and even other types like the galaxy X.

It would make Pvp and PvE more fun when grouping with a higher variety of ships.

Then they could add new ships that don't really fit into the tiers anymore. Maybe you could receive a Rare Ship as a reward for a hard missions or something, but only make very few of these ships available. But it would be attainable to everyone. It would give people something to strive for in PvE at REAR5 level.

The goal would be to find a very unique ship that few other people will have.

I think the Galaxy X Class is a perfect example of a Purple Ship. they could make more purple ships for klingons and Fed RA5 for end game content.

Maybe the only way to get Purple Ships would be in missions that you would be forced to actually risk loosing your current ship. There needs to be risk vs reward.

If you make it through the mission then you may get a Very Rare Ship as a reward from Star Fleet Command for a job well done.

This is not a priority by any-means but more of a simple question out of curiosity.

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