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# 11
05-09-2010, 01:16 AM
It will barely make any difference unless they make Captain's Table more accessible in terms of travel.
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# 12
05-09-2010, 01:32 AM
I agree that the Captain's Table should be made much more accessible, perhaps via a transwarp power just like the Earth Spacedock transwarp power.

Other than that one thing, I think that Cryptic should not spend any more time on it. They should spend more time working on content that everyone can enjoy, not on adding or improving the fluff for lifetimers.
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# 13
05-09-2010, 01:41 AM
Originally Posted by Deliverator
Hello Cryptic,

I've been a member of Star Trek Online since I was able to Pre-Order the Lifetime Subscription during the Australian Release Schedule, and even though this is my first post in the Forums, I'd like to ask that you give some consideration to Lifetime Subscribers and the Captains Table.

When you first Introduced the Captains Table, I liked the idea that there was something exclusive for Lifetime Subscribers in game as a reward for the Loyalty and Commitment they've shown Cryptic buy purchasing the fairly Expensive Lifetime Subscription option during the game's release phase.

I also understand the importance of rewarding other players who either chose not to become lifetime members, or have joined since the release date and applaud that you value your subscribers enough to give away new items and perks the longer they play the game ... including the fact that they will eventually be granted access to the Captains Table.

What I'd like to ask for is that you consider creating a separate deck or area on the Captains Table which will be and continue to be exclusively for Lifetime Subscribers to access only ...

Because after all is said and done, it was the people who purchased the lifetime packages initially who believed in Star Trek Online, and Cryptic as the Developers to make the kind of game we've all been waiting for as good as it can be ... and their investment was some of the first revenue Cryptic saw after all their hard work developing the game.

So ... I think that to have some small, exclusive area available to Lifetime Subscribers only as a thankyou for their ongoing Commitment and Support isn't too much to ask.

I hope you give this request some consideration ... Thankyou.

First off, i am going to disagree with you, but dont take it perosnally. ou made a polite post with some good points and we all could leanr a bit from you in that respect. So yeah respect to you.

But i have to say, we WERE rewarded for being lifers and for alltheb reasons you stated. There will be perks that we and only we will still have..but that leads to my next point..

Those rewards..do they need to be exclusive to one group forever to be regarded as a reward?

Surely not. For me I want EVERYONE who plays this game even on a semi rregular basis to get access to everything sooner or later.

Why? Because it has caused some trouble and split people apart at times. But also, the caprtains table is quiet.....woudn't it be so much more fun for us all to share ALL aspects of the game where possible?#

New exlcusives can be made of course..but i think the more time goes on..the less rewards are going to be even THOUGHT about for lifers..and more rewarda re going to be coming for two groups:

Monthly and yearly subscribers(who will have SURELY earned those perks??)..making a one time payment is not as hard as keeping up a monthly sub,,that takeas a bit of dedication...more dedication than it took for me to press the paypal button for my LTS!

and the other group of "rewards" most likely will be for brand new players....it's common sense it's fair and it's the way forward to keep people coming back t this game.

It's possible even that tio see the benefit of your lifetime sub you will NEED these perks given away, seriously it's possible no?

Personally though i want these thijgs shared because it's a shame players canr access the whole "world" and do so together..this is a social game and i would(just MHO) see it that all things that can be shared will be( i dont mean force people together..just mean give them the chance to make the choice). I heard fleets sayig about losing members etc...we need those fleets back up and running at full strength..

My fav moment in this game had to be playing with at fleet at the end of open beta...THEY made it fun..despite all the things going wrong ..the people i played with made it fun no matter what..they enjoyed cryptics idea with and without it's faults. It really felt like a social occasion with those guys.

We need that feeling spread around a bit..the only way is to reward people, bring them together and try and curb this "us and them" theme that has developed fopr a while.

I really kinda understand what you are saying...but what IF it damged the game and the player base....all for a few shinies? I dont know about you but i just dont think it is worth chasing this up. Thats JUST MHO and I respect your post.

* i really do apologise for my typing , been awake FAR too long *
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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# 14
05-09-2010, 04:41 AM
i have to say i disagree

for me the perk of the lifetime sub is that you only really pay for 16 months (ish).
if this game lasts for 10 years which as long as it stays popular there is no reason to think it wont, you save yourself hundreds of pounds/dollars. yes lifers took a risk and should be reward for it and they have been but after a fairly short period of time they will be playing the game for free. that is the reward and its far better than anything cryptic will give them in game.

anything extra is just fluff and whilst some of it is nice and lifers should probably get first shot at seeing them because they took the risk, i dont think non lifers should be excluded in anything. i think everything the lifers get should be made available to everybody after a set amount of time.

after the sixteen month periods lifers add no extra money outside of the c-store. will we then start seeing monthers ask for special privilege because they are still paying? do they then get an exclusive area where lifers then get nothing, because i guarantee that is what people will ask for and then we will have two areas that are segregated and that helps no one.
Lt. Commander
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# 15
05-09-2010, 06:30 AM
Originally Posted by Deliverator
Question for Cryptic - Lifetime Members and the Captains Table
I'm sorry, what was the question?

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