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Playable Borg starting at VA might be workable. It'd be fun to do the various Borg missions from the opposite point of view.

I can haz joystick!
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Originally Posted by parteisekretarin View Post
90% of the posters on this thread apparently never actually watched Star Trek.

The borg call themselves a collective but when you actually watch the series, as soon as the queen is introduced, it becomes apparent that they are very far from such. A collective, by definition, is the aggregate of the interests of individuals comprising a group. The borg serve no interest but that of the queen; the interests of all assimilated entities are filed and ignored...the borg programming forces those connected to its exonet to be devoid of all interest (by forgetting their identity) and provide nothing to an aggregate/collective other than information that can be used to create technology that enhances the interests of the queen. An actual cybernetic collective can be more appropriately found in the Geth from the Mass Effect series ... their minds are shared and all of their actions are an aggregate of the interests and opinions of the individual units comprising their collective. The borg are nothing more then a cybernetic mind control monarchy lead by a quasi-individual entity that forces its will upon all members linked to its network (the queen).

As for the argument of play-ability, they are perfectly playable provided that customization is greatly restricted. The queen is an entity that dominates the borg network and is capable of manufacturing multiple copies of itself and inhabiting biosynthetic body duplicates constructed of engineered organic material and android parts (as evidenced by TNG: First Contact). Borg troops are often disconnected from the main collective but still function as if connected due to the presence of queen entities in their networks. Each playable "captain" would simply have to be a copy of the queen. Playable borg wouldn't ruin their canon at all, but it'd be boring as hell to play considering all "captains" would be restricted to white female characters, none of the ships would be customizable and there'd only be four types of ships (as mentioned). By the way, to those that mentioned "assimilated ships" -- the borg typically dismantle those ships and use their constituent parts and materials in the manufacture of their own ship classes.

Anyway if you tl;dr'd --- No one here knows the definition of "collective" and the borg are totally playable but wouldn't be anything but a passing novelty that would occupy all of a day of someone's interest.
I wouldn't say the queen defeated the "collective" idea. I believe the queen represents the aggregate personality of a trillion individuals, all in one form or another balancing out into a slightly sadistic, somewhat sultry, mistress of borg. They've shown on multiple occasions they understand the importance of having a definitive face. 7of9 and Locutus were other examples where the queen was not present.

What appeared to be her personal will for a counterpart was more of a theatric representation of the changing management and face requirement of the borg.
I'd also see her as a sort of central quality control unit. What appears to be an individual personality only looks that way because its only used in contrast to foreign personalities when really it's just her job to detect anomalies in the system and run them against a master copy what things should look like stored in her own mind.

I do agree that the faction is an awful idea. More something for a different video game (oh wait, didn't Armada already do that?)
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huge structural integrity, large shields, universal console with regenerative shield skill

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i'll only support playing borg if we get invisible 1 shot torpedoes with a 360deg radius.
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Why would you want to play as a fascist ?
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