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05-09-2010, 07:01 AM
That's how often I find myself logging in now, if that. With my casual approach to the game it took me a little over 1 month to reach the Level Cap. (I started at day -4 and it took ~34 days total to reach cap for me). Once there I did what there is to do at RA5, and I've done each of the STF's at least once.

WARNING: Long read, skip to the end if the basic statement

I've done more B'Tran cluster missions than I can remember, exploded more Borg that I can count, and pressed "f" enough times that the ink finally started to wear off the key.

With all of that being said I still like STO, but I don't have a reason to log in that often any more. The upcoming "weekly episodes" are great (I hope), and will hearken me back to my days of TNG and waiting a week to see just how many lights Picard saw, or Data's Daughter. I look forward to that. But, it will still not have me logging in more than Once a week. The 'crafting' system is extremely lackluster(but had so much potential to be AWESOME), and the ground combat just hasn't lived up to my expectations.

I didn't expect it to be as polished as World of Warcrack, or Dark Age of Camelot, but I did expect something a little more...polished than what is currently in game. The problem is primarily that there aren't enough options open to you. I can't place my BO powers on my tray, meaning a Click is needed any time I want to make them do something. I can't bind a key to tell my BO's to attack my target, which takes away time that I could be otherwise commanding them. I cannot command my team in any effective way, as almost in variably if I tell them to sit on a Point (Nav spot) they will go off running the moment I tell them to start attacking. Why would you do that, you have bloody phasers and Plasma Rifles and what not, you don't need to smack things so do try.

I like space combat, but even on Elite it is still too easy for me. Most likely because I have actual Options, and can plan around the ones available to me instead of having to rely on AI to listen to the commands given.

While I could team with other people, too many of the players I have encountered are of the "zerg rush kekekekekeke ^______________________________^" type. I like to take my time, plan my actions, and then execute a Strategy. I would dare say that: 90% of the people I've encountered do not allow for that; 5% would allow for it, but not listen; 2.5% would allow for it, listen, but be unable to execute the plan; and 2.5% would be able to allow, execute, and listen.

That is where the problem lies, the Ground combat is relegated to zerg or be zerged. That is not how it should be (all of the time, sometimes it's fun to be placed into a seemingly overwhelmed position and pull through).

Long story short: As has been said before the game took 2 steps forward with space combat, and 3 steps back with Ground. Space combat is fun, but everything loses its lusters after a time. Make ground combat as fun as Space.
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05-09-2010, 07:08 AM
All valid points.


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