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I realise this isn't exactly a major concern but it is surely something relatively quick and simple that can be changed at some point, so I figured I'd make this post anyway.

The static animations for pistols, that is the animation when you're just standing with a pistol or dual pistols equiped, needs to be reworked.

The way in which your character currenrtly holds the pistol/pistols is incredibly unrealistic and looks really rather stupid with the way that they are held out like a child holding an ice cream cone.

Instead, while the character is not crouching or firing, it would look far more realistic if the animation ignored the fact that there was a weapon out and so continued with whatever default stance the character has selected, or for the weapons to simply be held pointing toward the ground beside the thigh rather than held outward at waist level. Perhaps even a random variation of the two would help.

Additionaly, the firing animation for single pistols could really use some work as well as it is also incredibly unrealistic with the way that it is held with just one hand.
Lt. Commander
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05-09-2010, 07:59 AM
Yup, I noticed that too. I never bothered mentioning it because I figured it apparently wasn't a priority. How this design made it to the game is evidence of shoddy QA.

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05-09-2010, 08:07 AM
Hey be thankful that dual pistols are no longer glued to our wrists.

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