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I really like most of the music in STO and listen to it all the time. However, I must admit there are one or two selections that I don't care for very much. So much so that when they randomly play I'm tempted to shut off music completely. I suspect others may also experience this, perhaps with completely different tunes.

I have a couple of suggestions or requests that might help keep the ambient music interesting for your players.
  • Selectable Music - Could we get an Options tab or other pop-up window that would allow us to enable/disable the current game music files to play for both combat and non-combat sequences? In this way, we could craft the music into favored play-lists that fit our personal preferences.
  • New Music - Is there any chance of adding new music to the game in Season 2? Things need to be kept fresh as new content emerges, and new ambient music files added to the current selections would be fantastic.

Thanks for your consideration of these ideas.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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05-10-2010, 05:45 AM
I agree. Some of them are so good i would listen to them all the time if i could, especially the one that is a remix (or variant or whatever the correct word is) of the theme song, it is just SUPER EPIC. Actually, most of the songs are epic! Although, i prefer the more fast-paced ones, makes me feel like there's action around

Sometimes i even change the difficulty to advanced in star clusters so i can listen to the combat music longer

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