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07-23-2010, 01:43 AM
I have reduced using the mouse cursor in the game to a minimum, that actually helped. I also stopped doing one action right after another, just what you said with using the mouse to scroll the camera in space and then choosing a battery and move it into the device slot of my ship.

However, I found another half-way solution to get around the lag for most of the time (not all the time though). I just quit the game, wait for five minutes, and re-enter the game. That does the trick for the most part and then I can keep playing for much longer than 10 minutes before the lag starts again, sometimes many hours ... and that's enuff for me, I don't play for the entire day, I just wanna play 2 or 3 hours if I got spare time. If the second launch doesn't work, I'm doing a third one, a fourth one ... just until the problem is solved.

So, with other words, since I was able to find a way around these lags by myself, I'll be staying in STO for now, I just hope the lag doesn't strike back soon with no chance to escape.
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07-24-2010, 05:03 PM
Well, after doing some intense testing, I found out that it definately cannot be the mouse or the driver or the system either. I used three mice just to test the inventory item-dragging and starfleet briefing mission button pressing ... and the mystery is solved. As long as I don't press any buttons with the mouse, just hover around, it's okay. However, if I do extensive item-dragging and button-clicking, the lag starts and gets worse within short time. However, a game should be able to handle mouse-clicking and click-dragging more than just once or twice. I'm honestly a bit disappointed. There are others experiencing the same issue, I really hope something can be done about this in a patch.
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07-25-2010, 04:04 AM
Actually I must have been lucky last week to not get that much mouse lag. This week it's horrible again, and SORRY but I eventually HAVE to click some menu besides fighting! When my inventory is full, I'd like to sell out my stuff to the vendor and put other stuff into the fleet bank or my personal bank! And as soon as I start doing something else than staying in the usual game and going to a menu, it's starting and getting worse every half minute! This is definately a game issue, full stop! Please sort this out, it's slowly but definately getting on my nerves. Last week when I thought it's getting better, I decided to go on with my new main characte and I brought it to Rear Admiral 2 so far ... I would love to finish my career and try out Season Two on the holodeck server in August when it's being released. But if this thing is not improving, I am seriously quitting, this time definately. I won't buy a fourth mouse, I won't change any further settings in my system (because it's running well right now and I don't intend to make a running system malfunction somehow). Either the problem solves itself when Season 2 is patched on the holodeck server, or I'm definately out of the game, no return anymore.

I know, Cryptic, this won't hurt you because I've already bought my lifetime and you earned your money from me, however I hope - on the human side - it will make you think a bit how much people care for this game out there, even in small Switzerland. Not playing a game even though having a lifetime sub after only six months... that should probably make people think "I hope the same won't happen to me some day".

BTW - Your forum is going very slowly, all other sites are loading instantly while I still have to wait for "save changes". While I'm writing this, the page is loading and loading.

~ Eris

PS1: I reclothed two new BO's after my Rear Admiral promotion and then all changes got lost, I had to recloth them again and then it cost me 32'000 EC for each one, so 64'000 EC lost because the changes were not saved. That's nothing major since I've got almost a million EC left, but I just wanted to mention it. Wasn't necessary having to do the same stuff twice, it's also a time issue. And with this mouse lag, it takes me almost 20 minutes for two BO's to make a full reclothing including badge, rank, face, hair, etc.

Today I restarted the game seven times so far, every time after only five minutes of playing, the mouse lag started and two minutes later, the game was unplayable without the mouse. So you can imagine, it took me four restarts just to get a single DSE (3 times 10 enemy squadrons in Zeta Andromedae) done. Another two restarts for the bridge officer reclothing. The first three to five minutes of course I had to rush through and then I made mistakes, just in the hope I can make it before the mouse arrow is acting weird again. So all I could do was save everything I did right, exit the game (mouse lag started), restart the game, correct all I had done wrong the time before, and eventually get all the reclothing done just before the next mouse lag started.

Wanna hear more mouse lag stories? I could tell you three every day or more if you want, maybe that's the way how to let people know how FRUSTRATING this is! Please do something soon. I don't wanna miss Season 2, but I will if it's not fixed by then.
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07-26-2010, 06:48 AM
Okay, for now final update: I have completely uninstalled STO and made sure there was no files left anywhere. Then I reinstalled STO on another drive (new partition) ... and there it goes, the lag is - for now - completely gone. If there are changes, I will keep this thread updated. If not, consider the case EVENTUALLY closed ...

~ Eris
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07-27-2010, 05:56 AM
Okay, that's what I got for celebrating too early. The mouse lag is back in it's full insenity and starting very early in the game, even though I'm not touching any menues. No gamepads connected, the installation drive was completely empty before installing STO on it. Software cursor is disabled and I play in full screen mode as it should be.

What I will do now: Uninstall any drivers that are NOT keyboard OR mouse. Meaning: I'll uninstall all wheel and gamepad drivers etc. etc. and I will probably have to stop playing any games that need a gamepad or a wheel (such as TDU etc) ... and of course after downloading the huge patch I'll see it the problem still exists. If it got fixed by the patch, I should find out soon enuff.
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07-28-2010, 01:38 AM
Since the patch I was unable to play, so I will give you an update as soon as the game is running normally and then I can also judge on the mouse lag situation again. I'll do a video to show you how it loox like. In the meantime, I have uninstalled all drivers from driving wheels, gamepads and other stuff. I also removed all USB plugs except the mouse and the printer. The last thing I can do is doing a Format C: with saving all files to the newly created D: partition, then reinstall the OS and only install STO in it. If that works, I'll have to use everything else on my old computer ... and I really don't like that story. I doubt I'd do that, I'd rather quit the game for good.
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01-07-2013, 06:03 PM
FYI I get this issue too however its intermittent. Some days I could be on for a few hours and all is fine and other days, like tonight for instance, forget about it. I cant play. Its infuriatingly difficult to control the mouse and I find myself jumping from the key pad and mouse again to try and get some control over it.

I have uninstalled and re-installed STO (via Steam) and the problem continues every now and then. I thought too it had to do with the server being 'too busy' perhaps.

Anyways, your not alone.
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