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# 1 Ground Tasks
05-11-2010, 05:57 AM
Ok at the moment there are no ground tasks that are setup for only a captain, playing to the class types Engineer, Tactical and Science, fans want to get there hands dirty,

Manternance and Upgrade tasks could be made a part of this, if you could visit a fleet members ship to perform a ship manternance or upgrade task then that ship would get a small stat Buff depending on the type of captain performing the task, so for the ships to get all three types of stat Buff it would take three captains to perform mainternance on one ship one would need to be that ships captain, Manternance and Upgrade tasks could also be made to a base's,

True doing this would shift the game balance a bit to ground tasks, I think it would help the realism of the game,

In theory a Fleet base could get the same type of Manternance and Upgrade Buffs to help protect against someone,

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