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05-14-2010, 05:03 AM
Originally Posted by Ayupan
Here is a compiled and organized list of what I believe should be done to the game in addition to already planned changes, as well as instead of some of them.

I will place each one in it's respective category, with a letter preceding, and a note of explanation at the end.
please provide any feedback to them, as well as any tweaks. Please vote on all of them and pick the best one's you think need to most attention from the devs.

================================================== ================================
===================BELOW========================== =============================


================================================== =================================
===============THATS IT FOR NOW =============================================

In addition, some players are confused and think the game should be balanced around a ship or classes ability/tactic to move OUT of all range (10km), however it is the contrary, where in every multi-dimensional MMO, everything is and should be balanced on what happens inside the Sphere of Battle, or battle sphere.
Here is a sloppy representation of a battle sphere involving an escort, it's target, and a correct respresentation of movement.


||\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ NOTE THE FOLLOWING
I would like to tank everyone and anyone who took the time to read it all, and more-so provide mature feedback with supporting arguments. All of these changes and fixes are represented as if they were done all at once, so keep that in mind, which also helps if you read every single one.

Thanks again.

Ayupan, you seem like an hero to me.

IMHO, what this game needs the most is, generally speaking, less of a dependence on buffs/debuffs and more of a dependence on equipment, strategy and tactics. That is all.

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