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# 1 New Roleplayer Night - 5/26
05-12-2010, 07:53 AM
Event: New Roleplayer Night
Date: 5/26
Time: 8 or 9 pm Eastern
Location: Risa

Details: Aurora Fleet's first New Roleplayer Night will be held on May 26th, probably staring around 8:00 or 9:00 pm Eastern time on the beautiful beaches of Risa depending on the amount of interest. We'll be focusing on lending a hand to those people who are nervous about, or new to, roleplaying; and those who want to observe it in action to see if it's a good fit for them. If you've ever wanted to give it a shot but aren't sure how, this is the time and place to do it!

Contact Shephard@Captain_Shephard for shard information that night.

Off-duty uniforms encouraged, don't want to get sand in your combadge!

Aurora Fleet was established pre-launch and accepts roleplayers (and non-roleplayers) of all levels of experience. For more information about the fleet sponsoring the event set your helm controls to:

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