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Originally Posted by Phoenixace View Post
I have nothing constructive to say specifically about this post but I did want to say...

BRAVO!! Good to see some some players are really taking their time, tweaking their toons, trying different things, etc. You can do 1 - 45 in 80ish hours if you haul through the game but one poster listed 188 hours (7 day 20 hours) of gametime and still hasn't hit RA5. Just good to see this stuff with so many complaints about "nothing to do at endgame" in threads!

Take your time and enjoy the game!
Just updating the info in case anybody cares and/or finds this thread long after its expiration date. I tried searching for a previous "how long" to make RA5, but didn't want to wade too far into the searches.

I hit RA5 last night. The /played was 8d 21h 16m. So, 213 hours for me to make that mark, and 24 hours of play to go from RA1 to RA5. Lots of grinding the exploration missions to get data samples for Memory Alpha with doses of PvP mixed in with that.

I've got 4 story lines in the Cardassian Front left. I think I've still got the four sets of Patrol missions left. And so I've got all 5 of the Borg story lines left to do. So I completed only 2 story line missions going from RA1 to RA5. That seems... off. Not sure if I should take that as it is too easy to level without the main missions, or that it is good that I've got lots of end game. Take your pick I suppose.

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