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05-13-2010, 08:21 PM
Originally Posted by Andor View Post
Yea its totally lame.

I was in one battle were we had two slackers so we told the other side and got out of the way as they flew in and killed them a few times then we went back to the battle.
I find that this is wishfull thinking and attention grabbing as the camping ships would be in range of the station's turrets.

Unless you are speaking of the Cracked Planetoid mission in which after you explode the second time it's better to wait for the end screen to respawn.

What IS lame is the amount of mean PvP gangs out there gunning for bear. You guys can't ***** if someone doesn't want to allow you to beat them up just because the game dangles a steak around your necks in the form of marks.

I hope the Galaxy X is way broken in PvP so people can give it to those gangs without much trouble, serves them right.

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