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05-13-2010, 06:25 PM
Originally Posted by Azurian View Post
Please dont degrade this into personal attacks, Rogue.

They are refered to engineers when you have to protect them while doing the consoles. And they are very much unprotectable.
What personal attack? There's no name calling. Relax man.

1 person spending time to read the text will awaken the understanding for the entire team.
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05-13-2010, 06:45 PM
My group also got all the flippers.

When the eng's ran we got the left and right one done, and the second right one. The second left is at about 2% and seems to be stuck, and the back middle is not even touching his console.... Undine also stopped spawning. Sigh.
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05-13-2010, 07:11 PM
The 'protecting engineers part' actually had my team a bit baffled until we found that it was tied to the "locate federation officers part'. At first some guy who didn't read the instructions set off half of the undine and when it came to protecting the engineers, 5 undine started spawning at 2 corners (10 altogether) attacking the furthest 2 engineers.

When we redid it, we took our time to look for the coin toss emote and this time 2 undine spawned every few seconds to attack the engineers (1 undine per corner).

Ok so after that was done, we made our way to the final chamber thinking, yeah we're gonna be the first to complete it. Only to discover camera bugs upon reset (camera stuck, spinning) and a whole slew of issues.

And the real sulu, god knows why, kept attacking us when we're trying to protect him. Oh yeah, he's the only one that doesn't have shield regen, turrets and screams "Arrghh". We figured out that we had to get the boss's life to less than 50% before the consoles at the 4 corners became active. Activating those would dissipate the respective corner's gas. Jump in and continue shooting the boss till the 'death wave' appears which kills everyone outside the pit.

But of course, all the Sulus would die and then a hundred undine fall from the ceiling. So this is the part that literally stopped us from trying to finish it after trying about 20 times.

1) The hundred undine dropping from the ceiling? Will the mission designer please tell us why this is fun?
2) Why put in the death wave? Why are you trying to stop us from completing the mission? It is frustrating, not fun.
3) Took my team 7 hrs trying to get it done. And we quit. Are you happy now Cryptic?

Extra info: There's actually more than 8 sulus if you look at the map. All the 8 fake Sulus can recharge shields and drop turrets. The extra Sulus can't regen shields and have no turrets. One of them is real, one of them is the terradome commander (he appears when his Sulu is killed) and the rest are just normal undine (sometimes they appear when their Sulu is killed).
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05-13-2010, 07:39 PM
My group had a similar experience. We played for several hours straight, and I am now running on 1 hour sleep for my 12 hour shift. (starbucks is sitting right beside me)

We overcame an engineer bug, on the fifth console there were two engineers, one was a tellarite female and it seemed that her proximity to the engineer on the console interfered with him, and the progress bar did not move. So we let the undine kill the tellarite engineer, and the other engineer started to make progress when she was away from him.

We are fairly experienced in playing STF's together, so we got through it all without much issue until the last room...

The 100 undine were supremely annoying, but sticking together, we could handle that. The problem we had was getting the good sulu to not get pushed, or jump into the pit. We knocked him to the side of the map and kept him there until the rest of the sulus were dealt with. The commander and sulu could then be babysat by a tac and healer while the others, and occasionally the other tac, would deal with the hundred undine. We could not figure out how to get them to stop spawning. We blew up the power nodes, and that seemed to help until we wiped, respawned and saw the nodes were not there anymore. We don't even know if that has anything to do with it, but it seemed to. We made sure the first thing we did after wiping was eliminate the incubation chambers above the bridge.

We got close, but it really disheartened the tired group when the deathwave eliminated us before we could get into the pit.

So have people noticed that the 100 undine do not follow you into the pit?

How do you protect Sulu after going into the pit? He loves to do his own thing, and since he is an ally at that point, we cannot push him around.
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05-13-2010, 07:45 PM
Originally Posted by st4rseed View Post
We got close, but it really disheartened the tired group when the deathwave eliminated us before we could get into the pit.
I know what you mean. Its like the game kicked you down and then it keeps kicking you even when you're still on the ground.
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05-13-2010, 08:38 PM
Well we played for about 7 Hours Stright which I think says something. But over all I had fun untill we hit the last room. You just want to slap yourself in the face at the Engi part and say " NOW THEY ACTUALY EXPECT ME TO READ"

But we tried every thing we could in the last room and had Zero luck, Sometimes you Enter the room and the Real Sulu is already in the Fire almost dead.

Tone it down in a few spots so maybe 5 Hours to figure it out.

There has to be somthing we are missing im sure but they need to make it easier to figure out.
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05-13-2010, 10:21 PM
The thing that gets me is how the Commander, with no prompting besides four consoles starting to flash, initiates an attack that wipes the group. This is ****-poor design.

Also the fact that the fight can go vastly differently not based on player skill but the luck of the draw in spawns is a horrible idea.
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05-13-2010, 11:23 PM
Ok well we took our time killed all the generators around the room and all the pods on the ceiling. We easily find the real sulu by simply shooting all fo them once and seeing which one cries AHH then we push him to the outside of the map and hold his agro so he can not go int he pit and die.
at this point we spank and tank the boss with me healing myself while the team goes around and kills the sulus.....
we had these results
kill the last sulu and the insane death wave falls down and rapes your team.
keep one fake sulu alive, work on the boss and at 30% life he AOEs down the team
then it got late and blah work in the morning.....
any hints when you get to that end game part...
kill the boss?
jump in pit?
consoles ??? the catapillar ones on the edges?
we are at this point going to try and finish this friday night.

we got bugged out 1 time early in the DS9 part of things where one engineer wouldnt interact with a console even though we had all the people saved and they helped us ect... . we left instance reset the group and redid it with no trouble and when you get that part down its easy to do.
GG cryptic its more fun than the cure
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05-13-2010, 11:39 PM
So far this is the first STF that is thoroughly not fun, Cryptic if your going to have objects crap undine seemingly endlessly at least cut down on their overall HP by a LOT.
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05-14-2010, 12:07 AM
Originally Posted by Henners191 View Post
Edit: Forgot to mention there are four consoles in the boss room, one off them turns of the yellow gas. Something to look into.
Actually each corner gets rid of the toxic fumes for that particular pit corner. I activated 3 of the 4 before the boss threw a fit and killed all of us.

For all of you complaining about how hard it is (except for the bug parts), you will have to put some thought into it. Everytime we played we observed and talked tactics before going at it again, at some point we had one important part figured out and could lay back for a while.

The undine dropping from the celling got us everytime as did the boss at some point. Observing and talking everytime we reset we now know what activates this flood of undine. Also we know when the boss is going to throw a fit. Today, yesterday we called it a day/evening/morning (depending on yout GMT), we have to synchronize things and I am sure we will beat this.

We will attempt to use the same group so everybody is on the same page again cuz this was and is a PUG team and if possible you do not want to start a new one.

A PUG team always, al least thats my experience, rushes through a STF like theres no tomorrow. Reading from time to time does make a difference.

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