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# 11 end game useless maybe..
05-13-2010, 11:39 PM
Memory alpha in it's current form is useless to end game as the ra purples are much better, but then before memory alpha was useless to end game as even then the gear you got was out dated by the time you paid the greedy jerks there mil each for 10-20-30 whatevers to complete memory alpha. seriously the only thing you were doing by grinding the memory alpha stuff previously was helping some moron that thinks it means something to reach the cred cap. Reaching the cred cap is about as use full as the gs fools in wow totally pointless and by the time you got the gear you needed to grind it was useless because you had out leveled it.

I don't chase samples strictly, meaning I don't leave dock and spend hours collecting samples, I collected them on my toons as I went up levels. Although I did not go out to get them in particular I do take the time before I leave a sector to gather any that may be there, today I found myself having plenty of samples to complete most of memory alpha and now although useless to my ra toons the gear is usefuil to any toons I decide to grind. Not to mention if you actually pay attention to what is being said they plan on building on it in future updates.

Now you have an option you can go get the greens which still requires a good deal of time to outfit an entire ship or you can spend some time gathering memory alpha stuff and despite claims that "you will never know the difference between a green and a blue item" that is obviously someone who has not tried making a toon and grinding on advanced.It is not an I win button (nor should it be) but they do make it better.

For those that are so stressed about the lack of credits they won't be able to steal from suckers now, in any game no matter how simple the crafting is there will be some people who just don't want to do it, they will still buy the products from the exchange you just need to learn what reasonable pricing is.

A Game needs to have OPTIONS in order to keep going, not everyone wants to so the same thing thisis anther option.
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# 12
05-13-2010, 11:58 PM
I've only been to Memory Alpha once... and it has nothing to do with the crafting system.

I just can't stand the way the place LOOKS. Kirk and crew actually visited the place in "The Lights of Zetar", so we know it's a Federation station. Why does it look like a generic alien base? I just don't get it. So many references and the game doesn't match it in any form. *boggle*
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# 13
05-14-2010, 12:33 AM
Memory Alpha is definitely worthwhille if you are levelling.

Once you can reliably get purple gear though, nothing from MA is going to matter very much. Just messing around with it for the first time today I managed to upgrade almost all of my ground equipment. I also snagged a decent shield for my ship. Given the inflated prices on the exchange, I'm not sure I'd have been any better off selling my data samples and just buying the gear I wound up with, and at least this way I have some skill if I decide that I want something else from MA later on (or for an alt).
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# 14
05-14-2010, 12:58 AM
Memory Alpha will become useful in the future the devs have stated.
Right now it is useless but they are still testing to see how the new update plays out, and in the future there will be items that can be made there that are unique and cannot be obtained any other way.
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# 15
05-14-2010, 01:09 AM
It wouldn't be so much an issue if you could craft purple stuff.

But since you can get a purple just about everyday by doing b'tran alone, indeed. What is the point?

It seems to be much more useful while leveling, but even going out of one's way to collect a lot of material, you usually fall behind because the cost to craft and advance is pretty hefty.

Don't get me wrong -- I like the "crafting" system. It's virtually the same as any crafting system I've used (collect, X, Y, Z, push button, net item). But the reward vs. cost ratio is off.

But truthfully -- I'd rather see the "crafted" items changed. I think it's all wrong to be doing weapons, armor, shields, etc. It should be green and blue devices (reusable, non-consumable type things). Something more unique and class specific depending on what "crafting" path you choose. Ways to augment you in your ship and on the ground OTHER than plain jane items. We get plenty of items from mission rewards, the exchange, and random drops. I guess I'd just like to see super hyposprays on the 3 minute cooldown that give you some cool or useful side effect, like increased expose chance, hold immunity.... something not already out there that caters to niche styles (melee, ranged damage, healer, engineer, dps...)
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# 16
05-14-2010, 01:31 AM
Just because its purple does not mean its better.
For instance, theres a few sets of blue impulse engines that you can get from exploration, that all are better than any of the purple engines offered for Cruisers since these blue ones has a superior turn rate.
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# 17
05-14-2010, 02:38 AM
I found memory alpha to be somewhat useful b4 the new patch because I was grinding out Defend Orianus missions while B'tran cooled down... Farming craftable drops was an easy way to make more cash to buy the blue items that couldn't be made by crafting... When a blue mkX plasma beam array was 10 mil because of the rarity I had to make lotsa $$$$. I also found several purples as drops while grinding....

Fortunately I knew the new purple items were coming & unloaded my hoarded blue weapon drops a few days earlier... Now Crafting has zero financial benefit for a 1 toon player. The posts above mention the usefulness for leveling Alt toons & this is true... it was easy to just mail my samples & craftable items to my full access toon for crafting & then mail back the finished product which is either used for Alt toon or BO's. Now its just gonna be too easy, and the market will be flooded... and prices will go down dramatically... Not a bad thing altogether... but the motivation for grinding DSE+2's or farming anomalies - ie profit to use buying the things you really want & can't find is almost totally gone now...

This seems to be an evolution that takes the greed motive out of the game... you can get whatever you want by PVP, exploration & STF's. I can only applaud this as a true Trek Fan.. Ferengi are motivated by Profit... not starfleet officers.

Is memory alpha useful? Yes.. it will deflate prices on many, many items and motivate players to do the Dailies & STF's to get the items that are truly desired by players, Yes it will encourage players to have Alt toons with good gear and easier, faster leveling. And yes it will remove the motivation for mindless groups of 'Bot players massacre'ing DSE +2's. Yes it will deflate the prices of samples because less overall items will be crafted.

If you made alot of $$$$ from crafting or farming or grinding you now have no motive to do so.... the only exception being exotic BO's... I like this as greed for greed's sake is simple folly & only fools will complain because they now they have nothing to do but make alts & do dailies...

I was lucky... the new patch gave me full access - but no one else in my Fleet got that... As the game evolves so will Mem. alpha - the long term players will find their place in the community & the credit spammers will move on to a new game & hopefully leave us alone. I suspect we will eventually get to craft a few useful, valuable items - probably consumable - that will not ruin the game balance, but for now that is not the case.

Is memory alpha a waste of time? For a short-term, single toon player - yes it is an absolute total waste of time , credits and resources. For the long-term, multi-toon player - NO... for them it works as intended... making the rewards for common drops much better through their own experience & investment of time & effort. In the end we all benefit because the greedy people will leave & item pricing will become much more reasonable & encounters won't be ruined because a high-level Farmer is looking for drops to make credits.

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# 18
05-14-2010, 03:13 AM
yes, yes it is

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