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# 1 Game finally broken?
05-14-2010, 10:49 AM
Well, i gave up reporting bugs since the GMs either answer with makros or insulations to those, but since yersterdays patch I had SO MANY bugs and... "changes", writing tickets about those would actually take more time then playing.

Abiliys dont work. I dont even mean that "locked" abilits ich just don't start because of nothing wich happens for a while now.
I mean the visible effect starts but not the result. I use tractor beams and there is a shiny tractor beam on the other ship, but it doesnt hold the ship. I use tJam sensors and that garbage arround the other ship that inicates that sensors are jammed appears, hes fireing anyway. I use High yield, it obviously loads but just 1 torpedo launches. RSP; I become green but the enemy fire destroys shields anyway. On Tricobald torpedo: CD starts, but no tricobald appears.
Same on ground, the tactical initative CD starts but no ability reloads, the Tactical Team CD starts but no team appears...
Such things happen since yersterday even more often then working abilitys.

Other things, im fireing, and although I have full energy in weapons the loadout is the same it is without any energy.

The switching of wepons on ground, beside the fakt that that "sound" wich came with season 1 i gone, my char just doesnt switch weapons. In most cases, now and then it works, but even outside combat i have to hit the button up to 7 times until he changes weapons.

Well there are a lot of more issues since yesterday. Am I the only one experiencing that?

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