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# 11
05-15-2010, 02:41 PM
As someone who's played both factions up to Admiral/General, I just don't see any need to detect cloaks any more effectively than what already exists ingame. The cloak itself just isn't that useful in practical terms. Sure, the BoP can cloak in combat, but if he's within 5 ot 6 kilometers of whoever is targeting him, he's dead when his shields drop.

The best use of the cloak in general is really about getting into position (toward the rear or sides of a cruiser, depending on what you prefer) and hitting with said alpha strike. Which can be completely negated by popping RSP as soon as you see him decloak. Then if you can hold him off long enough to hit Attack Pattern Alpha, Emergency Power to Engines, anything that allows you to rotate shield facings, or until some team mates come to help... It's tough to hold out long enough in an escort, though it can be done with RSP or a Sci Team right away, but it's easy to counter in a Sci ship or Cruiser. In a one on one situation in my T5 Fed cruiser, I can hold out indefinitely. Same applies in my Carrier. I haven't tried the Negh'Var, raptor or BoP at that level but it wouldn't surprise me if I could hold out (and eventually win the match-up) without any problems.

The next best use is to not let the Fed side know where you intend to attack, so they can't send ships to meet you, they have to respond after a small delay when they see you pop a flag or mass for a large attack. Is that an advantage that requires negating? I've seen both sides dominate in a situation like that. It depends completely on the amount of teamwork going on, on both sides.

The absolute worst advantage a BoP has (and its the only ship able to cloak in combat, after a short cooldwn period) is the ability to cloak while someone is still targeting him. He can get away if he pops Emergency Power to Engines or Ramming Speed, but otherwise, he's an auto kill. No other ships can do this, they have to be out of combat to cloak.

Anyway, I just don't think that a cloak is that much of an advantage. I personally don't depend on it much, never have really, and in my Carrier it's not an option anyway, so I just don't think that the Feds (or the Klingons after the Feds get the T5 Gal-X) need to augment cloak detection.

As a Klingon faced with an incoming cloaking Fed ship, I'm not worried about detecting them at all.
Lt. Commander
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# 12
05-15-2010, 09:20 PM
I think this sounds like a fun and interesting counter measure to an ability that in and of itself works as intended (i.e. is not actually broken). If you play around with the ship positioning you could make the grid larger or smaller which might increase the detection range but decrease the effect of the snare. Distance would also effect reaction timing as the two ships furthest from one another would likely not be in range to assist each other (and might make great targets for alpha strikes).

This might have limited use since a cloaked ship has the luxury of skirting around such a grid. However, if the developers ever create better objective based maps (defend a location or capture the flag type stuff) this could be a lot of fun.

I don't know. Maybe I'm making it too complicated but I'd rather have to work to detect a cloaked enemy. That kind of teamwork would make a capture so much more satisfying.
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# 13
05-17-2010, 07:30 AM
Do the Feds not have enough to make them happy?

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