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Here's a few bugs I've spotted:
Since the last patch in the character inventory screen the picture of that officer has mirrored extra hands next to their actual hands, as if they're next to another picture of themselves. Not a big problem though.
When I beam out, my main character's head always gets wierd black graphical anomalies on it, like boxes and parts missing. This is just for the duration of the transport effect, again no big problem. I have a trill character with the pony tail hair and the medium length beard, and I think it's the hair that is a problem.
This last problem is the only really annoying one because it screws up my screenshots. I suffered from the known repeating registry numbers bug with my previous cruiser, and I payed to change it to fix it like it said here on the forums, but it left a wierd red outline around my registry numbers. I assumed it was a bug with that particular starship model, but I recently upgraded to a Heavy Cruiser, I went for all the stargazer options apart from the top pylons which are cheyenne, and my registry numbers are still outlined in red. looks rubbish on my screenshots and nothing I do seems to fix it, I've tried changing the number, changing the ship design etc. Is this gonna be present on all my ships now?

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