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05-15-2010, 08:38 PM
Originally Posted by FurianNL View Post
we will see if all these arguments you made here about canon and immersion hold up when the Romulan faction goes online, also equiped with cloaking technology(canon)

The Romulans should get battle cloak and it should be quicker in application then the Klingon version , it's what distigusishes the faction . Should the ships be slower moving , yes , another fact.

I bet, once introduced, Feds will whine as never before(understandable somewhere) due to two factions having something they don't.

You can bet your bottom dollar , pure Klingon players won't . They understand cloak and will relish the challenge.

Besides this, cloaked vs cloaked can dragg on a very long time, but premades will adapt and lure other cloaked factions with lures and new strategies, all part of adapting.

Can't argue that fact.

So lets wait and see how big these problems pan out when the Romulans get here shall we

It's part of the daily Fed whine , eventually you get use to it . I'm looking forwardto Romulan and how they attempt to distinguish the gameplay from Klingon .
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05-15-2010, 09:51 PM
KvK PvP is empty because its pointless

Ironically, the KvK Borg Hunt is fun and much more active...and guess what? With an objective based environment, we dont stay cloaked. The objective requires we come out of cloak.

Bad PvP mechanics cause the frustration with the cloak...the main culprit being the pointless and meaningful, objectiveless Cracked Planet...there is no reason to uncloak unless you think you have the advanatge....where you believe the oppoennet is more likly to die than you.

There is no complaint of excessive cloaking...I repeat, NO COMPLAINT, in the Cap & Hold PvP because there is purpose, purpose through objectives that cant be achieved while cloaked.

Teamdeatch match is ill-suited to handle the tactical and strategic complexities required for stealth combat designs...cloakers. Dont blame the cloakers, dont blame the cloaks...dont try and change them. Insteads, demand more intelligently and complex PvP scenerios that take the complexities of the KvF combat interaction into consideration.

Plus TDM sucks! Its time to put away that kiddie PvP and demand more.
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As we all know, Klingons PVP a lot!!! So here I am in Omega Leonis PvP'ing and can't complete my mission; "Defeat enemies in Hostile Engagements or House battles. Yet when i PVP in space, it does not register to this mission... I only need 5. I have fought in 10! 7 Space and 3 ground. It is only counting the ground. This is no biggie as they are equally fun and challenging, although it seems the Feds prefer Ground over Space today, so I am not making any progress.(Unless I go ground and get outnumbered and tanked!!!)
Which brings me to another thing I just noticed... KDF Cowards that run away when they get in a little trouble instead of sticking together. I have noticed that the Feds are real good at cooperating with each other and sticking together, in spite of Hull being below 25%...
On many occasions I see Birds of Prey or Raptors running... THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE!!!
Klingons are proud to die in combat! It is an Honor! If you can't handle the flame... GET OUT OF THE FIRE!!! - Go join the Feds and leave KDF to the Honorable, And Un-intimidated Empire!!!!
THIS IS A GAME! IF YOU BLOW UP, YOU WILL RESPAWN!!! No biggie! Don't be a scared yellow-Bellied coward and run!
Stick together, in-spite of weather you blow up or not! That is what makes PVP fun!!! A good match! -Jeez...
I still got the highest score 2 out of 3 times, (170000 or more),including Fed scores, 'Cause I DON'T RUN!!!!
----- Vic Rattlehead, Proud owner of a Bird Of Prey!

So that's it I've had it for a couple of days... maybe more. My Frustration level has peaked out and i am no longer having fun! I need a break from the every day bugs that affect me in this game. I cannot make any progress! I have an R.A. - Fed ship, that is maxed out and it is pointless to do anything with it as I can not get any better with it, and my KDF Toon, is not progressing either due to not enough missions, bad PVP queues, and Bugged missions. We'll see if Cryptic even cares about my absence. I will check the Forums daily and see if the 6 or so Posts i have put in in the last 24 hours are addressed... Or for that matter, A human response to my Bug-Reports!
Besides... My Wife is getting tired of hearing me rant and rave during game play, when I encounter all these problems! Good Bye For Now... Maybe 4-Ever!!!

Sai-La-Vi, People! -- Vic
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05-16-2010, 09:12 PM
We are ready and willing to die! Of course, that isn't exactly plan A.
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05-17-2010, 07:20 AM
Originally Posted by Peter_Robinson
Afraid you are missing the point. Never said to nerf cloak, i'm talking of giving it a timer so that people don't wait hours on end to find some action.

This is the biggest issue for KvK in 5v5 matches, where they refuse to uncloak giving the other side the first shot. Making those fights annoyingly boring.
Which is a nerf to cloaking. Cloaking is fine as it is.
And why should I give a **** about the frustrations of my opponents, let them be frustrated-it will push them to make a mistake that much sooner.
An honor meter? Honor measured how? by klingon or Federation standards?
I'm ammazed at how quickly the Dev's seem to be kissing the Fed's buttocks and making it easy for them to play in PvP against the klingons.
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05-18-2010, 02:29 AM
To all players who hate cloaking and think it should be changed:

Sensor Scan is your friend......

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