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05-22-2010, 02:56 PM
Hi everyone. I have been playing this startrekonline game now ever since it was first beta version.
I keep wondering how the other players are still doing and how many people actully still play the game and what are the technical glishes and problems thaqt they have in the game while playing.
Heres a topic I hope that everyone will find intresting,fun and usefull.

Here are some of my issues that I still have not recieved any word from Cryptic Studios as of what or how on them.
And if it invloves not getting correct amount of credits or exspearance or what ever it may be do we get it back from Cryptic Studios that we missed or should have gottin from completing the mission.

I have lostt out on so many points credits,level ups and it sometimes may include long times of leveling up such as for example this happends to me countless of times where you complete a mission that you just receved from starfleet command and it tells you what you are to recieve after completeing it. Well dont believe that all the time.
Their have been times where I have recived only 1 or 2 skill points for completeing missions and they were hard and longer then exspected to complete. I dont know what Cryptic Studios are going to do about this but it keeps on happening to me and probley you.

When you report it to the Cryptic Studio support ot their GM Ticket it seems like its the same thing. I had the impresion that once reported thery login and find you and then try to trouble shoot the problem with you live while playing.

But please do go ahead and post commits or times of glishes that you once have had or still have in the game to let the other players know.

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