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# 1 Nomad Model
05-19-2010, 07:38 PM
It is awesome in almost every way. I love how the Torpedoes come out of the sides (which does make you wonder why it can't fire them to the sides, but anyways...)

The model is just a little off when you mix and match. For example, where the hull meets the saucer section, particularly when you have a nomad saucer and a vanguard hull isn't quite right when you zoom all the way in (I am picky, I know). The saucer edges hang down off the edge and it makes it look like it was cheaply welded on. There are some issues with the other saucer/hull combos with the nomad as well that I think could be easily fixed just by tweaking the borders of the sections.

Ok, I'd been waiting looking for days to see if anyone had brought it up, and when I saw this new subforum I decided to post this here. Now I've found the thread that details nomad model errors in much more detail than I have, and a Dev has already noticed it. Just in case though:

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