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Hey there - just been messing around with the new Prometheus bridge pack on Tribble, and they look terrific. Helps that the Prometheus bridge itself was a redress of the 'Undiscovered Country' Excelsior/Enterprise bridges, and so has those classic proportions (how long till we get THOSE in the C-Store? Name your price, Cryptic - I'll glady fork over the cash!!).

However, there are a couple of immerson-killing flaws with them that I've found - quite obvious ones, too.

Firstly, the viewscreen shows a pretty low-res picture of DS9, regardless of where your ship actually is. That's not great - even a blank starfield would be a better (and certainly more flexible) alternative.

Secondly, the LCARS display behind the captain's chair only ever shows the Prometheus-class. That's to be expected, and it's probably not possible (yet!) to have an LCARS system that shows your exact ship build, but it's still odd to have a different ship than the one you currently command on the screen. Perhaps it can be swapped for something more generic (although not for the Prometheus-class, obviously!), so as not to look so out-of-place...

Again, these aren't show-stopping issues, but as I said, they do hobble the immersion factor somewhat! If the devs spot this and can fix it, that'd be awesome - thanks!

OR... the ideal (although far more complicated) solution - bridge screens that reflect the ship you're on, and the region of space you're in! Granted, it'll take a while to work out how to implement them in a fool-proof way (for LCARS screens, it'll no doubt require a system that can take all the various hull parts into account, which isn't something that will happen overnight!), but as a long-term thing (perhaps to coincide with ship interiors?), I'm sure the majority of players would welcome it.
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05-18-2010, 04:57 PM
I totally agree! It would be great to see this implemented. The ships displays don't bother me too much because they aren't nearly as visible as the view screen.... the the view screen! Oh man, even if this can just be replaced with a blank star field, it would be an improvement. Preferably one that is hi-res.

Here's to hoping for this in Season 2.x or 3.x!!!
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05-18-2010, 06:39 PM
id like to have one with a warp viewscreen, showing stars streaking by at fast speed to show that im at warp.

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