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Well lots of people complain about the fact that they have to rule a new configuration with every new ship, but thats not my problem here.

With my Cruiser in PvP and STFs i for example have two extend shields and to RSPs with me. Both I dont need when I'm doing Exploration alone. Well, lucky me, I have other BOs to switch. Same for my Tacticals. And sometimes even for my science bo.

But: Every time I switch BOs i have to reconfigure the Hotbar. That sucks. Why cant we save profiles? Wich each profile we should rule exactly wich BO is where and wich Skill is where in the hotbar for a quick change (of course just outside the battles). My way just on scetor map. But I really HATE to have to reconfigure that fracking hotbar 5 minutes after every second mission.

Same on my BoP, I'd love to run diffrent configurations now and then, but it takes ever to change the Hotbar.

I mean you gave us 10 BOs to be able to switch in diffrent situations, so why not giving that function some BASIC comfort?
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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05-21-2010, 09:01 AM
Not only BO's but also gear configurations should be possible. Champions Online allows that, so should STO.

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