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# 1 pvp ladder link
05-17-2010, 12:32 PM
EDIT:: Testing domain is


I am currently looking for ideas on a domain name for an STO competitive ladder. In order to boost the importance of PVP and to see who the top players are we have been developing a competitive ladder for Star Trek Online. I am reaching out to the community for ideas on what they feel would be the best domain name for this project. The database is set up, and the script is currently in testing. Before season one launches we will wipe the current ranks.

About the ladder
-There will be max of seven members per team and minimum of five to compete. (allows for small fleets to compete with the majors) There are two alts allowed to sub between maps.
-If a player drops the map will continue at 4v5
-All members that participate in a match must be eligible on the roster. Eligibility is obtained by being registered to the specific team for two hours prior to a match.
-Fleets are allowed to have multiple teams, but user will be on only one teams roster at a time.
-There will be two ladders, FvF will stand alone, and the other will be Fed/Kling. In the Fed/Kling Ladder you can FvF, FvK, and KvK
-Matches are 5v5
-Matches are best out of three
-All maps will be private matches with ranker hosting the first map, it will then alternate.
--If no ranker, lower team id will create first private map. Creator will then alternate.
-Ranking team picks first map, lower team picks second, and ranker picks final map if it goes that far.
---If there is no ranker, default maps are salvage op, cracked planet, then salvage op again.
-Losing team is required to report their loss within two hours of a loss, failure to do so will result in a lock/ban from the ladder
-Victorious team must confirm victory within three days of the matches completion.
---If a challenge is made winner is required to provide screen-shots of the scores.(no exceptions)
-You may challenge the same team four hours after reporting a loss and confirming a win.
-When the site launches there will be a ladder staff application process two weeks prior to the Fall 2010 season.
All rules are subject to change at any time

Everything is nearly ready, all I need is a great domain name that the community will support and promote. Any ideas or tips please post.

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