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I'm really starting to get annoyed with this mission.

I know the tactics, have practiced them for 3 days non-stop.

And am still failing.

I even spent 246000 on a ship I didn't want in the hopes of achieving better results.
That didn't work.

There's something suspicious about these Borg.

I took out the RA7 Undine without even thinking about it, but Borg a whole level lower, I can't even damage?
At least not fast enough to stop them jumping into the timegate.

And the sphere interference is really bugging me.
I know me and an escort can wipe the probes out before they even get halfway, but with the spheres hammering us, we don't get the chance.

Not to mention, we have to destroy the transwarp gates at the same time.

Let me be brutally blunt, harder does not mean better,

I'm really not enjoying this mission.

If you can't even get past the first part after 3 days, that's a bad sign.

I'm seriously tempted to quit this game and wait for a real mmo to show up.

I wanted an innovative mmo sci-fi experience and instead, I got Guild Wars in space.
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05-17-2010, 10:46 PM
Originally Posted by Tilarta View Post
If you can't even get past the first part after 3 days, that's a bad sign.
uh, my team cleared it on the first try. what were your escorts doing? they should be able to kill a conduit within 1-2 spawns.
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05-17-2010, 11:11 PM
It's the way some people play their ships.

Mine laying cruisers, that does squat to shielded enemies especially the spheres. Time to swap out your weapons for various situation. This time you need to hit hard and hit fast due to timer.

Beam users that just point straight front and shoot beams(usually 3 beams... and from the damage, beam arrays rather than dual beams too) and not using their rear beams for broadside.

Doing weird evasive maneuvers and even "fleeing", then get tractor-ed and and they can't shoot their cannons any more as they are pointing the wrong way and spreading damage thinly over all 4 shield quadrants of enemy(which then regenerates back to full). Park/shadow enemy with your escorts, aim straight and keep shooting till they die or you die, respawn and repeat.

Solo battles, everyone has their own probes and spheres, it's a PVE 1 vs 1. Focus on 1, 1 dead enemy as soon as possible is 1 less shooting at you thus more time to regen shields and skills.

Crowd control... Scramble sensors, repulsor tractor, tractor beam, etc helps. Mainly for support ships, but escorts can help if they have tractor beam to lasso a probe...

Tractor-ed , no problem. Omega pattern, polarize hull, jam sensors of borg that's tractoring you, scramble sensors, emergency power to engines, ramming speed, etc to free yourself ... But no, people stay put and dies.

Anti-team. There's a timer, you should keep track of it and make full use of the time between waves. Assist your team-mates with skills. E.g If I'm engineer, I tend to boost an escort following me with EPS power transfer, extend shields and even tactical team.

But nooooo, when there's ample time, some prefer to park themselves at the gate, while 2 other tried to clear away the last 2 remaining spheres. 2 other ignore spheres you say and park like the other 3? Sure then you have 4 remaining spheres next wave-> then 8 spheres next wave( they are now officially the tractor team guarding near vortex), then fails as everyone get tractor-ed and blasted to hell while probes happily waltz through.

Ever wonder why you have more bridge officers than available assigned slots? That's for you to expand your skill list to use for various situations. I swap my bridge officers around for various missions.

The list goes on... It's not a per issue, it tend to be a combo of the above issues.

Most successful teams also tend to be successful with PvP due to liberal and knowledgeable use of skills.
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# 4
05-18-2010, 10:02 PM
I have not been able to get past the first part either.

The shields on the gate don't seem like they're down long enough to get in range and get enough shots off. Especially if you
got pulled away shooting the spheres and probes before they enter the time gate. The Tactical cube is difficult, but do-able. I hate how the new difficulty involves timing and being perfect with said timing. The Cure was lame enough.
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# 5
05-19-2010, 03:19 PM
No offense Rogue, but your wall of text doesn't help.

I know the tactics upside down, inside out and in Swahili.

And whenever I ask for advice, I hear the same thing all over again.

I had the best team ever attempt the run yesterday.
Our teamwork was flawless.
And yet, we still failed.

If that was all that was required, we'd have succeeded on our second attempt.

I analyzed the problems afterwards, to my assessment: it's like this:

1. We can't shoot the transwarp gate and chase down the probes at the same time.

2. Certain weapons if used (AOE torpedos and so on) will trigger sphere aggro.

3. Destroying the probes will trigger sphere aggro (because the explosions count as AOE).

4. And once the spheres are aggroed, it's all over. They hit you wih tractor beams and their attack slams you out of full impulse when you attempt to chase down the probes.

5. The only thing that works on slowing the probes, we don't have. Tractor beams don't cool down fast enough, nobody had Tyken's rift or gravity well.

If the distance to the timegate was twice as long or the resistance of the Borg vessels to damage was less, this would be possible.

It's just an annoying instance and everyone who's tried it with me (and some people who haven't) hate it.
Even people who beat it once won't do it again.

And in closing, all my friends won't attempt it with me anymore.

What does that tell you?
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05-20-2010, 06:39 AM
If you're getting slaughtered by the spheres, then your team is not healing. You cannot do this with 5 escorts and expect to win. You need a supporting cruiser/science ship that is actually healing and/or scrambling the spheres. Dead escorts do zero DPS.

As for the spheres, scramble sensors is your best friend here. Aggro them, scramble them, and they will help kill the probes and each other while doing no damage to you. And when that first scramble ends, scramble them again.

If you need to slow the probes, you aren't doing enough damage. Are you at 100% power to weapons? One escort should be able to handle wiping out the probes before they get to the gate. The second ship can keep them healed from sphere aggro and keep them scrambled while adding to the DPS.
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05-20-2010, 06:56 AM
Three whole days straight? Wow.

Edit: OK sorry - that was sarcastic of me, but I'm glad to see it getting more difficult. Other games take weeks, months to practice and get through end game scenarios.

I realize STO caters to a different crowd (partially) but if its too easy the content ends - and no game company in the world can keep up with the demand for "disposable" endgame scenarios.
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05-22-2010, 12:19 PM
Originally Posted by faithborn
uh, my team cleared it on the first try. what were your escorts doing? they should be able to kill a conduit within 1-2 spawns.
Mine did too, but before the patch. After the latest changes to Khitomer Accord, the spheres are ridiculously difficult. I agree with the OP. Khitomer is another STF ruined by Cryptic's fiddling to increase difficulty. It was one of the two STFs that I used to enjoy. Ruined.
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05-22-2010, 07:54 PM
I have no idea honestly what is going on.

We tried many scenarios, most of them involving escorts and sci ships.

And so far, best we've done on one gate is getting it to 60%.
And that was only with the help of a exploding tactical cube.

My most recent run with a guy who did it before and said it was easy.

After 2 attempts, he wanted to know why it had changed.

According to him, the Borg tac cube is not supposed to be that tough and it didn't do that much damage.

And we had full purple gear.

I don't think challenging is the way to go, especially on endgame.
All this does is annoy and frustrate people.

When five tricked out ships can't take an instance no matter how hard they try?

The thing that drew me to STO was it's casual nature.
You could achieve a lot very fast with only occasional play.

Simply put, that's the point of the difficulty slider.
You want it more challenging, change the difficulty.

Your average player should not be penalized by the minority who think it's too easy and demand changes to suit them that make everyone else mad.
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05-23-2010, 01:17 AM
STF's are designed to be difficult. It defeats the purpose when you can cakewalk them without any effort. Do you have dedicated hull healing cruisers? are your escorts capable of killing the spheres/probes in a few seconds each?

full purple gear means nothing if your team members are subpar or not adequately set up for the mission. Your team should be able to kill off all of the probes and spheres quickly and not get behind. Once you start to get behind it will quickly pile up in a very bad way.

finally, If you think the beginning is hard, You don't wanna see the ground part.

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