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This is a basic summary proposal to the Cryptic Union of Ship Builders for their consideration:

How about Variants to presently existing Hull types?

What I mean by this, is in various books, novels, RPG supplements etc, Klingons generally used the same hull types and outfitted them to specific needs.
Ie: Science version of the K'tinga. or perhaps Raptor....etc
The visual effect was a slight variation to the pre-existing hull types, such as a modified boom, or exta stuff on the hull that reflected those changes

CV version hull types:
For example in STO, we have the BIG carrier...what about smaller versions of it?
Why not have a T2, T3 or even T4 version? With perhaps smaller modules that could go on the bay.
Modify the K'tinga or Vor'Cha with these bays and change their weapon slots and Console and BOF slots and POOFY WHALAA! A carrier version (or Science if you prefer).

DEG/BCG Variants:
How about Missle boats? (also known as Drone escort or Drone Cruiser)
A variantion of pre-existing hull types with modules that have torpedo like drones that fire from the pods,
These drones would move faster than say a HY Plasma but slower than the standard photon, and could be shot down. You could even have specialized drones, like Scramble sensor drones, drones that lock onto the target and increase the klingon sides accuracy vs that ship. Drones that intercept slow moving torps, Drones that increase evasion for the ship etc etc etc (yes I realize I am taking ideas from SFB drone ships)

Visually it wouldnt be a HUGE task to create the models for these as one would use the pre-existing hull types of the already present Klingon ships (this is canon as Klingons are rescourcefull and rather than designing all new ships, simply modifying pre existing ones..hence very little industrial modifications needed in the ship yards) with some visual changes to represent the modified hull types.

Now while this might mean some development on the devs side, you give the klingons:
1) More ship types and ;
2) You give them specialized ships they can call their own and set them apart from the feds.

With the CV (carrier) variant this isnt too far a stretch as they already have carriers that set them apart, this just gives them lower versions of it as well.

With this type of thought pattern in mind the possible hull variants are now open to the imaginations of the Devs to create new specialized ship variants for the Klingons while using the basic pre existing hull types.

When one considers the diverse and ever changing needs of the galaxy and the Empire and the efficient use of rescources available to the Empire the usefullness and practicality of this proposal becomes clear should the Cryptic Union of Ship Builders see fit to fund this proposal to it's natural conclusion,
Thank You

Thoughts anyone?
Lt. Commander
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05-18-2010, 12:40 PM

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