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To: Prospective members of Taskforce Alpha.
From: Fleet Admiral Mirel Katic

Starfleet Taskforce Alpha is now recruiting able-bodied beings to answer the call when the need arises.

Whether it's a macro-virus ravaging a Federation Colony, a space station without power, or another Borg incursion, Taskforce Alpha gets the call, and we need experts in the Sciences, miracle working Engineers, and battlefield Tacticians to answer that call.

We require discipline, you will wear your uniform whenever you're called upon by your superiors (you may display your proper rank in Gold if so desired), you will be expected to use proper decorum when addressing those superiors, and you will be held accountable for your actions, as well as the actions of those under your command.

Promotions within the Taskforce will come based on your performance, not your rank or grade, so a new recruit is just that, a recruit, whether they're a Rear Admiral to the rest of Starfleet or not.

I know there are Fleets and Taskforces out there that punish you if you low in the ranks, we don't. Rewards, responsibilities, and access to our resources will scale with your place in the Taskforce, perform well, earn your promotions, and you will be rewarded. Perform badly, lack discipline, or abuse your privileges, and you may be demoted, and possibly ejected from the Taskforce entirely.

We’re in this war together, and we will win it together. No member of the Taskforce needs to undertake any mission alone. Of course, flag officers cannot spend their time babysitting Lieutenants, and Lieutenants cannot be expected to handle tasks suited for flag officers. But it will be expected that the members of the Taskforce of similar rank work together, under the specific direction of their superiors, or by taking the initiative upon themselves.

Taskforce meeting schedules will be posted as they are decided. Each meeting will have the same basic structure, any new recruits will be assigned to their superiors within their operational divisions, news and Taskforce business will be discussed, promotions and/or demotions handed out, and then we will split up into our own operational divisions and wings to undertake the various tasks that need taken care of.

That is all, Katic out.

(communication end)

[IMPORTANT ERRATA: Starfleet Taskforce Alpha is a serious Role-playing fleet, all communication is to be in-character at all times, if you need to communicate out of character, please put that communiqué into parentheses, like this Errata statement, for example. When in fleet uniform, your stance is expected to be thoughtful, and when in formation, use the “attention” emote unless ordered to be at-ease. You are expected to be in the proper uniform for your Taskforce rank whenever we get together for Taskforce meetings. Impromptu meetings between Taskforce members does not merit Taskforce uniform. You will be expected to address your superiors by “sir” and your subordinates by their rank.]

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