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# 1 My feedback as of May 21 2010
05-22-2010, 06:45 PM
It is May 22 ...several months after the game has launched and here is my feedback. I have played since open Beta and waited this long to offer a fair amount of feedback and to temper my attitude with a wait and see ideology as well.

1. Crafting...I would prefer the ability to craft items that are more specialized like the ability that would allow me to place acc or crit or severity as I want rather then a predetermined stat.

2. Real interaction with real world scenery...i,e, I was in a pvp match in cracked planet and I was loosing my rear shields and so I used evasive to burst speed away from the other I swerved around an asteroid of some size to loose LOS I figured I could negociate myself and regroup but much to my dismay the torpedoes and phasers he was firing went right through the large asteroid and still hit me. It is discouraging to see this when they have no LOS for phasers....the torp could track so I will let it fly except that it flew through the asteroid rather then around it.

3. I am not a fan of fast paced combat coupled with respawning.....I know I am probably a minority here but being a fan of armchair general games I like strategy and coping with losses and reinforcements which most if not all MMO's are not made to deal with but still it is feedback. Perhaps a pvp map with a IF YOU DIE you are out. It would offer realism in a conflict where ships and crew are not numberless. On the flip side ships would need to be more defensibile and survivable. Being speccd for reverse polarity III and polarize maxed out with a science team tossed in and all active and still having my shilds drop like paper is not much fun.

4.Bugs....I still get bugs that I suffered with at launch. When I PURCHASE an item from the broker my screen becomes dark and I am unable to do anything UI related or interact with scenery (bank etc).

4a. My UI intermittently freezes up in combat.....I look to see if I have been de-buffed and suffering maladies but I am unable to find any.

5. I would prefer a perment albeit removable music interface. Maybe a smaller and smarter interface because most of my music is very long, in title, and it is not uncommon to see the whole title 5-10 times in size of the music interface. A fix for that woulod be good.

6. Less experience gained for missions...each level seems to go so fast. In comaprison of other MMO's it takes a while to compromise I do understand the NOT WANTING a grindfest type MMO but this would allow for the development of more experience earning potential. I define grinding as doing the same thing over and over and camping a specific area.

7. I am not a fan of the federation fielding an army of admirals. Perhaps each rank could still command ships but with each increase in grade there are innate responsibilties...I am not sure , at this point what they could be, but this would flesh out each rank and make it more like what an ADMIRAL does and compared to what a Lieutenant does. Admirals are paper pushers and inspectors who dabble in non combat most of the time...excpet when a fleet is needed as a whole.. Captains are usually in fleet doing their exploration/war thing. Lieutenants are in scout ships or recon and some escorts duties,. Never really seen or heard of Admiral Nogura flying in an escort in the Btran system looking for anomolies.. one last point...Captain do not necessarily beam down into a combat situation's those silly rules. Perhaps the ability to assume the identity of your BO's or senoir staff on the away team.

8. The wording in exploration quests are still goofy. Borg do not avow anything nor do they they have a govt. There was an introduction to a quest that had a civil war of sorts with a random generated species and they were fighting the the quest was completed the wording made me LMAO....they had to get over the war and reopen negociations with their brothers the BORG???!!!!!

9. When developing content remeber to take into consideration many of your player base are more hard core gamers and supply them with ample oppurtunity to do things....

10. DSE I think it is one of those laws of physics or something 2 things cannot exist in the same space at the same time......The Borg do not realize this and also when they do break apart they sometimes appear 2-4km closer/further

Sir..object is 6 kellicams away. Captain: close to 4 Kellicams and fire on my command. Ensign in a startled voice..."SIR they are now 1 Kellicam away"......"WTF!!!" snarls the Captain... as a blaster goes off ...dematerializing the wayward ensign....."Ensign Kuv'tog assume the weapons do know how far a Kellicam is?"

In closing these are my observations and noone need agree or not..... just offering my feedback for what it own.

Thanks for the game.. You are doing some things right but a few are just not up to par yet.

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