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05-25-2010, 02:56 AM
Originally Posted by RCSlyman View Post
Think it's specifically geared to that, since my Tac is all the time getting ground missions. Like a fool, I'll still drop the 10 or 12 minutes to complete them, but meh. Loot definitely sucks on ground. Nothing with a decent vendor sell price.
Looking at the purple stuff in exploration stores, I noticed that the blue shield I actually had seemed to be better. So I am definitely hoping for some nice loot drops in the exploration missions. I think Advanced gives a good return on investment overall - you still need to screw up a lot to die, combats take an acceptable time, and you get better or more loot drops...

But for ground stuff. I just don't do enough ground combat to really have a feeling on what's good. Except the Personal Kit, the rest seems irrelevant...

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