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# 1 Mission Objects
05-19-2010, 10:23 AM
I am curious since I am, I guess, about halfway through the ranks about what is possible in the game engine.

I know I have not seen everything in game, but I have noticed that all the mission objectives so far fall into "defeat x number" of something or "scan x" somethings. My question is, is it possible to design missions around obtaining objects and using them somewhere?

It seems like you could get a lot more variety in missions if you were tasked with collecting peices of a "puzzle" and taking them to a certain place and using them.

So, instead of activating the computers in a base, you have to locate 3 parts required to get a stranded ship running, the parts are in boxes, on mobs, whatever and then you have to figure out where you need to use them. It would be nice, from a wanting to solve a real puzzle perspective, if where they needed to go wasn't a giant flashing hole in the wall too, but I'm not picky.

Personally, I would love to run a mission where you beam aboard an abandonded ship and have to first find parts to get it working, then review the logs and from those exclusively figure out what to do next. For instance, log says they had some weird cargo, go and scan the cargo hold. Nothing there, log says someone on board was off duty due to illness. Read the medical logs and find he had x disease and discover the body is still there and there's a isolinear chip on it, recover it and take it somewhere you can read it. Read it and find routine communication and one out of the ordinary that lists a place and part of a name. Go find that person, etc...... Something with more depth. I want to decide where to go next not have quest objectives pop up that a brain dead monkey could follow. Make me think a little bit. More Myst, less WoW.

I guess where I am stuck with providing constructive suggestions for missions is not knowing what is already possible and what would require adding features to the game to support.

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