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Originally Posted by Cosmic_One View Post
You're not looking very hard. It was 2382. The attack into Romulan space was the first step to the seperation of the Federation and Klingons. There's more to the timeline then just 2399+.
You said
Originally Posted by Cosmic_One View Post
We're currently at war with the Klingons due to their sneak attack on the Romulans.
Which is not true and it was the info I was trying to locate and while there is obviously more to the timeline that 2399+, I didn't see a reason to look further back because until 2399 the Klingons were allies w/ the Federation and the two governments were obviously NOT at war w/ each other.

The Klingons withdrawing from the Khitomer accords was the first step towards war and that withdrawal was prompted by:

"Captain Ja'rod meets in a closed session with J'mpok and the High Council for more than seven hours. Reports are that Ja'rod reveals the details of his investigation into the Undine presence in the Gorn Hegemony to the Council, and that the infiltration goes much deeper than previously believed.

A day later, J'mpok, with the full backing of the High Council, orders an invasion of the Gorn Hegemony. "No more waiting. No more talking. We are Klingon, and we will protect the Alpha Quadrant from these qa'meH quv these replacers of honor with dishonor. We attack!"

A combined Klingon and Orion fleet storms across the border into the Gorn Hegemony within weeks. The ships clash with Gorn and Nausicaan forces in multiple systems, and the simmering conflict flares into open warfare.

J'mpok sends a message to President Okeg, asking for Federation assistance as spelled out in the Khitomer Accords. However, the Federation Council instead condemns the invasion and demands that the Klingons withdraw from Gorn space and return to the negotiating table. "This is not the first time that the Klingons have acted rashly," said Councilor Astoni-Yhard of Grazer. "For all we know, they're chasing shadows. What reason would these 'Undine' have for being here now?"

The Klingon response is swift. In a tersely worded message, J'mpok pulls the Klingon Empire out of the Khitomer Accords and recalls all Klingon ambassadors back to Qo'noS. "Chancellor J'mpok's decision is regrettable," Okeg says. "However, it is his to make. We will continue to do all we can to repair our relationship with our longtime friends in the Klingon Empire."

Federation citizens are unceremoniously ejected from the Empire, and it is only because of his ties to Qo'noS that Ambassador Worf is allowed to stay in the capital city. "

The Federation declares the conflict illegal and inspite of the fact that:
"A contingent of retired and current Starfleet officers, including Ambassador Worf, Admirals Beverly Crusher, Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay and retired Captains Ezri Dax and Tuvok appeal to the Federation Council to reconsider its position on the Klingon-Gorn war." The Federation refuses to budge, which makes me wonder if the Federaton is still being lead by it's elected leaders or by Undine in disguise.

I would like to request though that if you want to continue this conversation you perhaps start a new thread on it. This thread has served it's purpose and has been incredibly derailed off course since.
I would also like to suggest that any further Caitian conversation be directed to
and that if a DEV or GM is bothering to monitor this they please close this.
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