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Hello all,

Why do all the consoles give you less than there face value when you equipped them, sorry if this have been asked and answered before, I might have missed it. For example I have engineering hull console (canít remember the name) that states that is adds +25% damage resistance to Antiprotons and Plasma based attacks; however, when I equipped the console, I only get 19% resistance to Antiprotons and Plasma based attacks. I can have 2 consoles that have 22% resistance to Disruptors equipped on my Cruiser and still only end up with something like 34% resistance to Disruptors. Iíd also like to know why my attack tab on all my vessels seems to give little to no valuable information about my actual attack strength?

Thanks for your time
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05-19-2010, 02:36 PM
As I understand it, the +X% is +X% of what you have already. I.e. if you have 10% resist and you get a +50% resist boost, it only goes to 15% not 60% (50% of 10 is 5, 10+5=15). I could be wrong, but that is how it was explained to me.

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