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05-20-2010, 09:45 AM
1. Cryptic failed to finish the game.

that is debatable. some people will say. " a MMO is never finished " while others say that they launched it way to soon, and then there are some who say it was a complete fail. I agree with the people that say it launched to soon, this game needed a good 6 months to a year. it wasn't completely done, it was finished in the sense that you could eat it, but it could be cooked better.

2. Atari and Cryptic failed to keep their greed in check.
I wouldn't call it greed more or less that they are a small company dealing with inflation. this is a good read on the subject.

Originally Posted by AtomicFB

There are some things to consider. The prices of subscriptions have pretty much remained constant over the years. Proceeding from 9.99 to the current 15.99. What is important in that, is that it hasn't kept up with the raise in inflation. What a person payed 14.99 for several years ago would now be like 17.99.

Market research done by EA, Activision and others have shown that most players don't see themselves paying to much more over the 15.99 a month price point. So the companies have been having to find new revenue streams to supplement the costs of an mmo. Over the years the margin per sub has shrank considerably. Several reason for this. One is inflation as I mentioned. Others include the price of energy, increased hardware requirements, larger cooling systems etc.

To give an example. The cooling for a moderate server farm can cost upwards to 500K+ a month. (Variables depending of course)

The introduction of the mictotransaction was to supplement the income of the mmo. Yet, in order to do that the companies must provide a value for that MT. Such as we see like, costume items, extra slots etc. Something that some players want but not all players want. Most companies agree that MTs are an excellent way to add value with out increasing the sub price per user which would drop the amount of subs they would normally obtain.

Some interesting information that I have found is like in DDO. There the majority of users spend very little on the MTs but a small minority (Less than 5 percent from what I read) spend a great deal on the MTs. Yes, I know DDO is F2P but you will see more and more sub mmos going to this type of set up. EA is extremely interested in using this type of model and there are rumors this situation might occur in TOR.
More character slots?

as for the character slots, I'm going to disagree that the low character slots is a money grab. Granted were not the highest on the list of games with character slots. that honer goes to WOW with a whooping 10 slots. Everquest tops in at 8, and ever quest 2 has 4 ( last time I checked ) Eve has the same amount of character slots as we do. by far the worst is SWG with two per server. ( or three if you unlocked jedi before they nerfed it, but that it rare )

Now you say that selling character slots is a money grab I disagree. it saves me money. every time I maxed out two characters in SWGs I would end up buying the game for another class. at one time I had four accounts active, and there were no discounts. so that was 60 bucks a month. ( my crazy guild leader had double that. ) EVE online I had two accounts there. 30 bucks a month. PothBS two accounts 30 bucks a month. Star Trek online one account, when I max out, 6 dollars one time for two slots, and I can repeat it. you can not call that a money grab with a straight face. it saves me money compared to the other games.

3. STO fails as an MMO.

While it does need more social areas, its not the worst. it needs work for sure. as for there not being pop ups with guild members. as I recall EVE, and SWG didn't have those, that is why I always added guild mates to my friends list. ( which do pop up in this game ) I also believe you can click on there name to get there guild information. As for click more then once to talk, every MMO I have played has taken more then two clicks to talk. be it the /tell name, or having to click on them to bring up a list and then click the chat button, you are still going to have to click more then once. if you want one click communication then I would look in to a team speak server.

4. Non-PvE activities fail.
This i agree with it, right now it is kind of setup like a console shooter. ( match making ) we need pvp battlefields where anyone can enter, and I feel we need a PVP flag system so we can open up the boarders.

5. The endgame fails.
I have not gotten there yet. but from what I understand STF are not that fun, we can blame Gozer for that, because he was so stuck on his high horse that he would not let them change his baby to make it more fun for us. but I'm not there yet so I'm going to end on that.

So to end it prescription time. So you enjoy the game, but you are getting board. one thing you have to remember is the fact that the cost is not that much it comes out to about 50 cents a day. ( that is what keeps me here ) one thing I would look at is update 1.3 that will add episode replay, and the biggest is thing, weekly episodes. So if you enjoy the game, and want to support it, stick with it, but my best advice is to take a month off. I did that, and I came back a new man. take two of these pills and see me in the morning.
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05-20-2010, 10:39 AM
Originally Posted by Captain_Revo
.....the only thing i would say is that its been covered to death. too many posts are constantly covering the past. there is not much we can do about whats done. the only thing we can do is look forward and hope things go the way we want them.
I am not a Life Time Subscriber, I pay month to month. I am not totally happy with what I see but I tell you it's better than nothing. I play almost everynight for at least an hour and right now it's the only game I am playing. Sure I could get upset with things missing I personally want more PVE not PVP because I enjoy that better. I would like to see more interaction with the bridge crew when it comes to building relationships as we seen in TOS, TNG, DS9, Enterprise. Heck I would be happy with just text right now. But this game has the ablitly to grow and get better and that is what I am hoping for.

I have watched the forums not taking part much but watched the PVP people poke fun at those of us that want PVE and the PVE people swinging back at them. Personally this MMO has the potential of being great for both sides. I want more PVE and heck it it takes me a month at the rate I play to level up to the next rank because I need to complete so many missions, wouldn;t hurt my feelings. I would love to join a fleet but I all hear is they want to do PVP, not really interested in it. Heck I stopped playing COD just because I get bored with the PVP there' my opion.....its not rewarding to me. Now before I get the PVP folks on my back, I have friends who o it and love it in this game and others and I am happy for them. But I like PVE and I like to be able to do it with other players on a quest as some would say. I think STO could do it if they would take their teams and split them into two one to handle the PVP part and one to take care of the PVE. Once those two areas are going and most people seem to be happy then worry if there is a way to blend them. I played EVE for a while stayed away from the PVP. PVE content was at the time I played not what I was looking for.

I guess what I what I am trying to say is I am willing to hang in here and see what happens, I too was here from almost the beginning I didn't get in for Closed Beta but I was in from the beginning of open beta. If this MMO is only 2 years old in coding then we who stay should be willing to help get it to where it should be. I am going to stay and help.
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05-20-2010, 11:19 AM
Originally Posted by TheOpposite View Post
I agree with everything said. I too have given up on this game for now. I hope they can get things turned around, because this game does have a ton of potential.
I also agree with the OP on all the points discussed. All I do these days is just log in for 20 minutes to do my B'tran quest. I'm maxxed out on gear for my RA5, and will eventually have all the gear for alt sets. After that it will be virtually impossible to force myself to log on to get some semblance of my money's worth.

The two biggest fail factors are the lack of content (less than a single ******** zone even from vanilla WoW), and the greed. A premium sub, box fee AND micro transactions. Totally ridiculous. DDO has F2P with an item store, or you can sub and get all content with no need for the item store. DDO also has far more content that STO even at F2P. Turbine >>>>>>>>>> Cryptic.
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05-20-2010, 11:31 AM
Originally Posted by TUX426 View Post
Season 2! Season 2 is going to save us all! Season 2 has everything this guy asked for...and MORE! MUCH MUCH MORE!
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