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# 1 Squadron for old ships?
05-20-2010, 09:20 AM
Mentioned this before but thought i would try again. Just an idea folks, don't get en(flamed)!

I miss my old ships (current - USS Chicago - Excalibur variant) and am not really looking forward to losing it at RA. (Cap 5 at the moment). As a retired game designer I thought I would figure out a way to use my other ships which just lay there, alone and silent. How about using the 5 object computer architecture of STO and applying it to ships (missions)?

The sidekick option is a good idea especially for Fleets as I have noticed that practically the only fleet activities are for RA in the STF's. So kudos to Cryptic devs for this. However I wonder if it is possible to implement the following:

A) At Commander level you will be authorized to take two other ships (your own from Lt/Ltcmdr or ships you have purchased and outfitted) and proceed to Squadron missions in a Squadron as SOIC (Senior Officer In Charge).
1) The ships must be of lower Tier than your SOIC
2) You can modify ships/gear/BOF as you wish
3) You must signify one BOF as new Captain of that ship

B) At Commander level you have up to two ships under your command. At Captain you can have three ships of lower Tier under your command as SOIC. After completing (x) Squadron missions you are promoted to Commodore and can add an additional ship (purchased and outfitted and/or your own with your EC's). Thus you can operate a five ship Squadron (or less than 5 if you wish more difficulty).
1) Thus a Captain can have his main and 3/4 others of lower Tier you have commanded and/or
All of this fits in the 5 item computer structure already being used for ground missions.

C) The ships under your command are "pets" same as a BOF away team and can be given a structured set of orders by you that can determine their actions during combat. Also the same as in ground combat. The ships can use the same pathing being used for NPC ships. Triggers for your "pet" ships BOF skills will be determined by the orders you set before combat (or just default) ie..max def/max off/max sup/max aggro etc...

I won;t make this any longer, just throwing out another suggestions for any Dev who might be listening. Comments welcome.

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