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05-21-2010, 07:40 AM
Or you can contact a Engineer Captaining a Science vessel, and get assistance no end.

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Originally Posted by SaintHazard View Post
Tips for the newbie:

1) Use an escort, they're better than all other ships, no exceptions
2) Use a cruiser, they're better than all other ships, no exceptions
3) Use a science ship, they're meh okay.
4) In case the first three rules confused you, they mean "try all the ships to see which one fits you, they're all good but one will fit your play style best."
5) Read the fine print. No, it's not a legal document - it's a well thought-out story that Cryptic put a lot of effort into, and it's worth reading things like mission text and dialogue.
6) Slow down, enjoy the game as you go, and DO NOT rush to RA5, because trust me, there's nothing here. So far the meat of the game is in the early and mid levels. So slow down and enjoy the game.
7) Most people in Ten Forward will group with you, they're a friendly bunch. Join our channel in-game if you want. TenForwardForum.
8) I'm the exception. I don't like you, and I will not group with you. If you ask me to, I will respond with about half an hour of painful ridicules and personal jabs. Possibly interlaced with questioning your sexual preferences, depending on my mood.

I agree with the last three postings ahead of this, and this as well.
I will add: Click on all of the Hud Icons. I found that setting the Bottom Center to WEPS, prior to entering a fight brings down shields faster than just keeping the power balanced. Today I just beat my first two missions after a week of struggling, and getting killed in two or three seconds.
I took down a Battleship today, Yeah!!

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