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just noticed a rather strange graphical quility issue when running fullscreen compaired to windowed. running under XP sp3, ati 4870x2 cat10.4

basicly when running in windowed\windowed maximised mode the graphics quality appears to be of a sharper more detailed quality
see here

but when i run in fullscreen mode the quality of textures drops of considerably

ive check the settings when in windowed and fullscreen mode and the only thing i can see changes is refresh and resolution are managed by desktop when running windowed... if anything i would expect graphics quality to be lower windowed as all CCC settings are set to low or application controlled and afaik dual GPU's either disables or runs at a lower rate when windowed

initialy thought it may be caused by anastropic filtering but whacked this up ingame and CCC to 16x and made no difference

on another note ive noticed STO runs arround 15c cooler when windowed too which makes no sence either, even with vsync disabled which is required to bring the FPS back up to what you get full screen

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