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# 1 Klingon Custom PvP Modes
05-21-2010, 08:50 AM
Hey gang,

Ok, so if the Devs are watching (unlikely, but could happen) I think they should make some more unique Klingon PvP modes. here are some ideas:

Honor Battle (Ground or space)
1 v 1 PVP. have an option to allow ANY level to fight any other level. Award Honor awards only.

Tribble Hunt (Ground)
2 teams race to find and erradicate tribbles that are spawning on the map. After 100 tribbles, the team that killed the most wins. Use the shanty town map for this at start.

Honor hunt (Ground or space)
Some sort of 1 vs all game where people have to hunt down the specified person. Either use some sort of switching roles (like tag) or something.
Alternative idea is to pit a single higher level player vs multiple lowere level captains.

Away Team Battles (Ground)
Pit your away team vs. another captian and his away team. Possibly more than two sides.

Grand Melee (king of the hill, ground or space)
Everyone for themselves and the honor they can take from thier dead enemies. Just dump everyone that enters into a persistant PvP map. You get points for as long as you are the king (or per kill or something.)

I would think some of these would be pretty easy to implement. Others would of course require coding.

Feedback welcome.

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05-21-2010, 11:45 AM
1 thing I would like is FFA deathmatch. you all put it 10k credits (or 5k at lower levels) and it launches when there is like 20 people and then its a no cloak battle with confined space and whoever is the last 1 alive gets all the money.
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# 3
05-22-2010, 05:08 PM
I like these ideas.

Also: 1 vs 1 (or more, everyone stands alone) Melee Only battle (give it a better name tho, lol)
Each contact adds honor to your toon, each blow you take makes you lose honor. Death by losing all honor. Winner is the last man standing, or - if more than one survives - the one with most honor. 5 minute timer, 5 respawn limit.
You enter the map with 1000 Honor, each respawn lowers it. (1. Respawn - you start with 800, 2. starts with 600, 3. starts with 400, 4. starts with 200, 5. starts with 0)

Put that not on a PvP map, but in the arenas outside the Great Hall. It pains me to see them so... useless.

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