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05-22-2010, 02:10 AM
I have spent many hours in DS9 under siege. Mostly to complete it you need to get in it around 6:00pm to midnight eastern standard time. It's basically empty other than those times on week nights. Sometimes you get new players that don't know to shoot the Legates and the holo-projectors. This can make it very frustrating.

The problems in there is the re spawns. I have been doing under siege got down six of the eight shields. Then the have to clear out the whole map all the way back to the seventh and eighth shields. I'm talking all out DPS, fight as hard as you can for like 30 minutes. Just to get back to where you were.

If they would just stop the re spawns from the door to the shield you just dropped. Once you dropped the first shield all the Cardassians would stop spawning from the first shield to th entrance tunnel. They would still re spawn past the first shield to the second. Until you brought down the second and then they would just re spawn past the second to the third. On the last shield they would re spawn from it to the one before it.

They need to replace twenty five percent of the Legates with Glins. For every Legate removed add two Glins. They are a little tougher then Gils. They have personnel shields. The NPC's have way to much crowd control in that fleet action. All the mobs are firing phasers with the chance of stunning you. Legates and Interrogators are firing stun phasers. Not to mention they are spamming plasma and photon grenades. I get stun locked killed by NPC's a least a couple of times each event.

I think fleet actions should be able to be completed by a group of five in around thirty minutes to under and hour. Two hours to complete a fleet actions is just to much and it has taken me that long before. Most people give up after thirty minutes and beam out because of all the re spawns. Some even give up sooner than that because of the re spawns. The re spawns make it feel like you aren't accomplishing anything and makes it to repetitious. Spending most of the time killing trash mobs you have already killed before.

If they would just tweak this slightly it would be so much more fun. People would start to do it more.
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05-22-2010, 03:03 AM
Originally Posted by Mister_Mayhem
This has to be the absolute WORST excuse for gameplay I've seen in this game to date. Every time you feel like you are FINALLY making progress, another fifty or so enemies spawn in on top of you and kill you. Eventually, if you stick with it long enough, you wind up respawning right in the middle of the group of enemies that just killed you - and if you aren't still on fire from your previous demise, there's a good chance there will be a nice plasma fire waiting for you to respawn right in the middle of it.

Come on, Cryptic - is THAT the kind of mission YOU guys enjoy playing?
Don't worry. In 5 years Bioware will get their chance at Star Trek and get it right.
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05-22-2010, 01:24 PM
They also need to fix resurrecting with the plasma fire DOT. If you are on the last stage trying to take control of ops. You go into step on three AOE plasma fires and die resurrect with plasma fire DOT and go back into ops. Where there are three plasma fires burning. They need to switch out some of the NPC that throw plasma grenades in there with NPCs that don't.

Because the players wont charge in and fight them in the rear of the room. They will just stand at the door so the NPCs will throw the Plasma grenades at the door so people will get the DOT. So they are taking damage their shields wont recharge. If you charge straight ahead to the back of the room you can keep your back to the wall and not be flanked. An engineer can put his shield wall up between the two consoles so they can't get out or attack you for the most part. You have cover from most of the room.

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