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Since beta there have been several issues for me both with the ui and a few other things. getting right to the points, I cant speak for anyone else but Ive had people mention the fact that when a quest is given, the quests popup is smack dab in the middle of the screen blocking the view infront. Its blinding, I was told that this was being worked on months and months back, however its still there.

moving on-

Ive also noticed that while the ui is great in the way that its customizable, we can move the hud and such to where we need things, however, some of the ui like the toolbar is just a wste of good space imo, for instance...
If you look at the 12 slot toolbar that has small images of the bo's and lcars on it, those images help create a space issue, when you get up to rear admiral, the ui pushes across the screen and out of the picture. The simplest fix for that was to arrange the hud and move it all over to the left and or upwards, again however, this causes the chat window on the far left to be overtaken. I do believe one of the cardinals about ui is functionality first, art second. Id recomend removing the bo images on the 12 slot toolbar.

I've taken a few hours of time to do a mock up of a possible ui change, or atleast something that can point you in the direction of a more streamlined ui. mainly the toolbars, the twelve slot sans bo images, the eight slot pinned to the far right verticly, also a look at where the quest pop-up could be pinned and out of the way at pop up, all the while leaving chat on the far left with no hud switches.

Please note that images and text scales are not exact in this picture, its just a humble attempt at a mock up for visual purposes.

View the ui example here.

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