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The Demo launches the Patch Client
finises patching displays Engauge
When u hit engage the loading status bar goes maybe 1/4 way then

crashes with a fatal error saying the verifier maybe able to correct it. But after three more trys it does not.

Which Hogg in the Pigg folder sub file is the texture for ships?

I'd like to be able to Del that one and not them all as we had to do for the Beta earlier this year.

This file came right from the Cryptic MAcro Link on the Promotions page and is for the Demo Trial.

Fatal Error: Error Decompressing data. Verifying files in launcher may fix this issue.
Technical details:, /piggs/data:hogg:Animation_Library/skeletons/copy of ship_saber/ship_saber_skeleton:skull
Error decompressing data. verifying files in the launcher may fix this issue.
then ok macro

[not nice to see after a live launch.. this is a demo for . the latest on you had was what 12.a?]
Interplay put the Open beta trial demo on a PC Gamer Disk so more people had a hard copy that's not cheap you picked D/L partners to help you out but they got swamped too.. so we know theirs a big demand what do you do next?]
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# 2
05-23-2010, 01:45 PM
CS replay.. These guys are helpful

Please try verifying your game files as they may have become corrupted. Start the game client Enter your username and password Click on the Options button at the top of the launcher screen and check the Force Verify box and click the OK button The game client will now check the installed files and patch files it thinks are corrupt or out of date Sincerely, Cryptic Studios Technical Support

Trying that now...
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# 3 Error
05-24-2010, 06:06 PM
I had the same problem and I tried this. After several greuling minuets... FATAL ERROR AGAIN! Any luck for you?
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05-25-2010, 03:28 PM
No it just wanted me to keep dowloading files to patch so i gave up for awhile.. GL

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