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oh no not the OP but agree with all the " not this discussion again " alright lets reflog the dead horse ( might be an old irish saying .. PM for translation )

if you look closely at the C store you will see that other than retrain and rename none of the items you are being asked to pay for are game changing . you have pakled klingon and ferengi officers sure but the traits they have can be aquired through the alien character creator system . you have ship skins , emote packs , bridge skins . in short its the same kind of non functional aesthetic stuff that you can perfectly easily play without . and many of us do .

the most expensive thing there . two extra character slots . which cost 500 points , which costs 5 euros and 44 cents . which by the way is 2 euros cheaper than a burger fries and drink at the big clown`s resteraunt ( baloon and toy not included )

and most of those purchases are unlocked for all your characters to buy everything in the c store at this time it would cost a whopping 54 bucks and you`d have 900 points change for new stuff . thats less than a game .. less than say the sims addon packs , than microsoft points to buy DLC for xbox games .. .the list goes on

the main product is STO and the sub ... we are lucky enough to not be gouged by cryptic and atari on these . i do not begrudge them taking the opertunity to make a few bucks on the side with non nessicary content . if they start charging us to do STF`s then complain .. un till then ... Dude !

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