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this is a copy of the ticket i submitted:

"i have a carrier with resilient shield array mkx [cap]x3 it shows a base of 7743 for each facing with a regeneration of 199 per 6 seconds. by adding the console field generator mk xi (rare) it adds 35% to each facing (can be verified in the status screen under the defense tab) but as far as regen rates go, i have tried the console that adds 13% and +7 shield power but i see on changes in numbers anywhere in the status screen, is there an upcoming fix for this where we can see what our consoles/shield power levels actually show our regeneration rate on all of our shields so we can have a better view of which Shields are the best for our ships, i like the resilient for the 5% bleed, but if the covariant will regen as fast as the base #'s for the resilient i would use those...please let me know where i can see my actual regeneration rate not just the base, and i am not asking for a fix to a bug, or for any additional equipment, just an answer to where i can see the numbers, or if they will be adding this feature shortly, Thank You. "

this is the limp****(i censor myself for fear of the hammer ala ban) response i got:

"Greetings Captain! Thank you for your feedback! This will help us continue to change the game as we implement and polish new features, which are a key in the continuing development of a dynamic play environment. If you wish to discuss your feedback with the game community, we encourage you to do so on the official forums (which you can reach through the community link on the launcher). We appreciate your feedback and thank you for playing! GM #########(name omitted to protect the identity)"

so here i am discussing the possible math or lack there of...according to other posts i have read @ 25 shield power you have a 0 regen rate @ 50 power you have the regen listed on the device (for further examples resilient mkx [cap]x3 used) 199/6 sec. according to the math listed in other posts you lose 8% per point of power under 50, but gain 4% for every point over 50 where @ 100 power is 3 times the regent rate of the initial rate 199 becomes 597/6 question is does the 13% console increase with the new regen rate or does it only count on the base? because if that is the case and i use 50 power 199/6 sec this is the equivalent of 3.25 points of power addidtional...meanwhile a +7 shield power console should add approximately 28% regen rate if the base was 50 points of power now is why am i using a 13% regen rate when i should just add more power for more then double the regen rate? and also make it so i can see the regen rate of my shield...i can see me crew regen rate my hull regen rate, i can even see my stealthsight...i mean i am good at math not computer programmer but this should not by a supremely difficult task to add 1 more like in the status screen under the defense tab that you all for hearing my rant and i look forward to seeing the responses i get (both positive and negative)

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