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05-27-2010, 01:37 PM
i have been at 80% hull and rsp up an then in the blink of an eye been blown up, sometimes it is easy to find in the log and i have been caught with a ramming speed, other times i have been hit with a BTSS and lost a shield face and caught a couple of big crits, either way the answer can normally be found sometimes it is just very high bleedthrough hits from huge crits that might have one shot me if shields were down, but came in such quick succession it had the same result
Lt. Commander
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05-27-2010, 03:15 PM
Originally Posted by BobTheYak
Just a thought. I frequently get one-shot through the shields by Beam Overload III, but I'm an escort. Usually I'm

Escorts are tissue paper.. Seriously. I can have FULL UN TOUCHED shields, and be basically "one-shoted". I know its some combo of skills like TSSIII or BOIII but its so over powered its not even remotely fair. Yes, the "damage" class, Escorts, shouldn't have as much defense and survivability as the "tanking" class, Crusisers, but when even Science ships and others can pull **** kinda crap off something is wrong.

I get sooo tired of fighting someone ONE VS ONE in PvP, and I'm literally dead within 2 seconds. And I do mean literally as I've timed it out in some occasions and gotten video evidence. Full shields, full hull, and within 2 seconds I get half a dozen debuffs and I'm instantly dead before I can hit Science Team or anything (which I keybind, I'm not a clicker).

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