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Originally Posted by GloomWalker View Post
If I follow your logic completely then you would not mind if the following were true. Let's say this is a new MMO and you are interested in playing. But since they are there to make money first and foremost, fun and social scene is second class. Here is what could happen.

They say in their promotions that they are there solely to make money. So no more free rides. Here nothing at all is free. Each thing that they do you will have to pay for.

1.) Cost of game $30.
2.) Monthly maintenance fee $5 per month
3.) Patches for bug fixes $5-$15 per patch.
4.) $10-$20 for new updates.
5.) Maybe even a $5-$10 per month for being able to post on the forums.
6.) Since nothing would be free then there would be no free month with the purchase then your first month you would have to pay for or maybe have to pay for two months. Which would be $15 a month.
7.) Since nothing is free you would have to pay $10 for your first three character slots.
8.) $1 per month for every character you have on the server (s)
No, that's not what I said at all.

1) Many people bought it at $49.99, or $69.99 for the collectors, and aren't complaining about it being way cheaper now.
2) No, that's my $15 subscription fee
3) You can't charge for bug fixes, especially ones that are your fault when you add new updates, that just goes against everything in software engineering. Those come as part of my monthly subscription.
4) If done like WoW content, where it's a huge amount of content like every year, yeah, no problem. Cataclysm is basically a total re-write of the whole game. If I were still playing WoW, I wouldn't mind paying for all that. But $5 per STF, that I don't think would fly.

Or maybe it could. But I would imagine it would very hard to find people to play a purchased STF with if everyone else in the group needed to buy it too, since I'm having so much trouble finding people to play The Cure with, because you need to have done Infected first. That would kind of defeat the purpose of a STF though if you can't find another 4 people to play with.

5-8) I think you miss the meaning of what the monthly subscription actually is for. That's for access to all the BASIC functionality of the game and the gaming community. The basics being the actual ability to play the game, the access to their servers, and the forums and anything they make available to everyone.

Anything above and beyond that, like say you pay extra for priority so all your forum posts to get bumped to the top of the list or give yourself some special title (#5) or you want more than the standard 3 slots, yeah, you do a microtransaction.

And alot of games are setup like #6. Say you wanna play call of duty 4 (or something, I dunno, I don't do console games). You wanna multiplayer with all your friends. That's great, multiplayer comes with the game. But wait, you mean to get online I need a xbox live gold membership, It never told me that on the box, I thought multiplayer was free . . . In fact. no where on the box does it say you need a computer, and a pretty hefty one at that. And you need internet access too. So you need to add that cost in with your $15 a month, personally, for me, i pay $60 for my cable modem, and I bought a $1800 high end laptop just to play on. If you prorate that out, I pay over $100 a month.

Your first 3 slots (#7) come as the standard when you purchase the game.

And your $1/month fee per character for #8 is again part of Monthly fee your paying already.

Originally Posted by GloomWalker View Post
Oh yeah then tell my why banks that now have all kind of fees. Such as printing new checks, service fee, ...etc that never existed decades ago. Also how many people today are paying 30%+ in interest to credit card companies.

My dad foresaw these fees long before banks started charging. The same was true for social security number. At first the only ones that would get that number would be your employer and yourself. Now just about everyone from bank to doctor needs to have that number. In fact you can be tracked by that number. Something else my dad foresaw.

Many years ago Providian (a bank) had to pay $400 million to their customers for unfair business practices concerning credit cards. They would tell their employees to add late fees to those that were not late. Over the limit fees to those that were not over the limit. Their employees got tired of that and turned them in for that. You would think that a big time bank would never do that then think again.
No one cares about you, or your Dad's personal communist views on the banking industry and the government, and they really have no bearing on said discussion. I see the analogy you're trying to make, and it's tenuous at best.

Originally Posted by Jayson_Garrett View Post
What works for you doesn't work for the next person. You should really cut the attitude against those that wish to make changes or improvements. This is the purpose of this forum, not to mock others or make brash remarks.
Originally Posted by Jayson_Garrett View Post
good for you, now why did you post here?
Now who's the one with the abrasive comments?
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This argument brings me back to the days of beta, where the whole limited character slots problem originally started up. Cryptic's official reasoning for only three slots was due to a limitation on the database. They claimed that each character took up too much space as they had to track oh, so much information. A lot of us called BS on it, knowing that it was purely a cash grab. Guess what? That's exactly what they did. It's not a database issue, nor will it ever be.

Still, things could be worse. Final Fantasy XI gave you exactly ONE character slot free of charge. If you wanted to make more than one character, then you had to pony up an extra buck PER MONTH. And those of you who are saying "three is enough because all you need is one of each profession" don't know how rampant altitis can get.
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06-05-2010, 08:47 PM
Originally Posted by Zodi-emish
Because he has every right to post in this thread just as you have a right to post in this thread.
Of course he does, but if you look at the title of the thread, it says "Character slot problems and solutions". He neither posted a problem nor a solution, thus no contribution to the thread.

Originally Posted by ulicqel View Post
Now who's the one with the abrasive comments?
Wow, have you been following all my posts just waiting to say that to me? lol
Your comments have been far worse compared to what I said.

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