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# 1 Suggestion - Voice Chat
05-28-2010, 05:18 PM
I'm guessing this has been suggested a couple of times, couldn't find anything so thought i'd post it.....

How about including in the client a Voice Chat Client???? I've come from Dungeons and Dragons Online which had voicechat from it's a Free 2 Play and VoiceChat is still there, so I can't see it being a massive problem.

Basically VoiceChat is restricted to the group you are in...I know World of ******** has a voicechat client that links you to a "World/Zone" channel, and STO could do that as well, but at least in grouping voicechat would help immensly.

Currently I have a couple of people that I group with and we all connect with Skype / Ventrilo, but if you get into a PickUp Group you don't always have this facility available, and most people password protect their Ventrilo / TeamSpeak servers so that not eveyone uses them.....

Anyways just thought i'd post it.

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