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I didn't know if I was supposed to post this here, or in another area. But, since it's related to gameplay, I thought it would be appropriate to post here.

What I am asking for is an option to take all of the other players' uniforms and render them in the fashion that I would choose (according to male and female). This actually makes sense also, as there are currently thousands of variations, colours and designs of 'uniforms' that a player can create. Frankly, I am wondering why I can't just have an option to have everyone look (render on my screen) the same. Not only would it be the 'lore' according to the uniform standards that I have set up as a player, but would also be more LIKE Star Trek.

So here's how it would work:

- Click Player Specified Uniforms Option "ON"
- Go to Sol Stardock, and go to the Uniform Officer
- Specify your Uniforms based upon player ranks and/or player carreer. (For example: Red and black uniforms rendered on players who are Tactical Officers. Blue for Science Officers, Yellow/gold for Engineers. Or, you can specify a specific Uniform for each rank)
- Click OK. Then, every other players' uniform comforms to YOUR Star Trek experience, without invading anyone else's play style (or beliefs).

That's my idea. I welcome your feedback, in order that this posting may be read by the devs, and in hopes to getting this changed.
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07-05-2010, 01:22 PM
Easy enough, put your computer where the children cant see it, it saves cryptic thousands of dollars in development time. This is not the game for the modest, if you want modesty, go play hello kitty island adventures.....
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07-05-2010, 02:57 PM
Either way I'd say you can alter your uniform of a BO or the PC. Both in matter of gender allready as also the right type. It would be adviceable if you as mentioned go to the Earth spacedock.
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07-06-2010, 03:43 AM
Ok I have to ask... Have you seen any Star Trek? Sexuality has always been a big part of Trek:

Micro- mini's as part of the uniform, Orion slave girls wearing body paint and little else, various other alien species with aversion to heavy clothing like the Edo, Tasha's outfit from 'The Naked Now' , Troi's mother in a mud-bath, Vulcan first officers with gravity defying ..err... umm... personal shields, a reclaimed Borg on a ship full of replicators that never found anything to wear but a spandex body suit. That's just off the top of my head.

My point is that it's there, it's always been there. It's going to be a lot worse when season 2 hits and everyone, including me, is running around with Orion Captains who look like strippers.

This idea would run into problems from a RP perspective as well. What happens when you meet a RP'er in a TOS / TNG/ MU uniform? Someone playing a Temporal refugee, a dimensional ambassador / traitor? You wouldn't be able to react properly because you've deprived yourself of certain content.

Regarding the rainbow of current uniforms... Starfleet had different uniforms at the same time in some of the series. TNG and DS9 take place at the same time, and yet the Enterprise crew and the DS9 crew had different uniforms. TOS differences seemed to be limited to insignia differences between fleet/ships (?).Enterprise had the one uniform because there were, what, 2 ships? ( I honestly don't remember if Voyagers crew was wearing the TNG uniform.)

I like the variety that this many uniform options gives me. I think it would be horribly boring if everyone looked identical. As far as skin goes... The MU uniform and the TOS skirt show less than I can see just going to the beach or the mall.
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07-06-2010, 11:33 AM
The idea of seeing other officers in the uniform type that you have assigned (according to the era of Star Trek that YOU like best) would not require thousands of dollars to put into the game.. actually probably easier than rendering everyone in different colours/uniforms (regarding the data transfers that would go on). Also, I'm not referring to changes to any NPC's at all... only the Player Officers.

To me, it's about the game and era of Star Trek that 'I' want to play simply because I like it most. Why can't I see other players in the uniforms that I would prefer to see according to the timeline that I'd like to play most, and according to the styles I like most? To me, this would mean that I would FEEL immersed in the timeline, instead of a washboard of past, present, and future running around with all variations of uniforms and skanky styles that have an ill-desired affect on how I would like to see the game played (which, I might add is fine if you like to see that).

So, simply put... With this option, anyone could have the environment of uniforms that they prefer to see... so for all you guys out there who love to see booty and cleavage... you'd have a whole lot of it if that's what you prefered. If the game I'd like to see is a modest one, why can't I immerse myself in that environment if that's what I like to see?

Star Trek is based upon a uniform disciplined naval standard. What I see is a whole variation of uniforms, to the point where it's not a uniform at all, and thus doesn't give the feel of a disciplined environment, but chaotic and undisciplined. If the goal of this game is to feel immersed and a part of Star Trek (for those of us that wish this), then I'm all for a uniformed environment. To me, it's my money I'm paying... and I want to enjoy it the way I see fitting and fun.

Thanks to all who shared their input btw.
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07-06-2010, 11:41 AM
Originally Posted by champion1701 View Post
Easy enough, put your computer where the children cant see it, it saves cryptic thousands of dollars in development time. This is not the game for the modest, if you want modesty, go play hello kitty island adventures.....
In response to this. Why does a game have to be graphically silly or childish to be modest? Why can't there be an intelligent game like this with an option to have my environment become more modest?
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07-06-2010, 11:46 AM
A request for a feature like this has come up before, and I am in favor of it. I figure if enough people ask for it, Cryptic might be convinced to come up with something.
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07-07-2010, 08:39 AM
In a real military organization uniformity is essential to discipline. In Star Trek between Next Generation and Deep Space 9, everyone sort of wore different uniforms. This is most likely because Paramount didn't want to spend money fitting costumes for background characters. However in the real US military, this does happen.

For example, around 2004 (I think) when the Marine Corps went from the BDU style uniform ( to the MARPAT uniform ( There was a period of time when Marines could be seen in pretty much either one. However I'm pretty sure that now the BDU is no longer in circulation and there fore Marines aren't supposed to wear it while on duty.

That's just to explain the difference in uniforms between The Next Generation and Deep Space 9.

In STO having a few different uniforms is understandable... there are different uniforms that military members even today can wear while on duty, usually determined by the CO (which would be you because you're Captain of your starship and you can tell your crew to wear whatever you see fit). For example the CO might say "Ok everyone, on Thursday wear your service dress charlies" and everyone in the unit then wears their service dress charlies to work on Thursday.

However uniforms like the TOS uniforms, mirror universe, Next Gen/DS9 etc really don't make sense at all. These would be like seeing a US Marine in Iraq dressed like this ( or wearing the old service uniform from World War 2. It just doesn't make sense.
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07-08-2010, 04:18 PM
I actually like this suggestion. Mainly because I've just decided 'to hell with being accurate to the 2409 setting!' and swapped all my uniform and ship options to look like TNG-movie era uniforms/ships/paraphernalia...

...and, as if by magic, the game suddenly feels a lot more like Star Trek!

Now I'd like to have the option to set all the other in-game uniforms to match (and maybe some of the really ugly ship paint schemes and colours, too!) - anything to boost the 'Trek-ness' of the game.
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07-08-2010, 04:41 PM
Apologies, I dont normally do this, but this kinda ticked me off.

/rant ON

I notice the "for the children" excuse dropped by the wayside, but lets examine that for a second.

I assume none of those children have mothers that wear skirts or midriff bearing attire, nor are they allowed to watch any tv including so-called children's show which often are far racier and contain more exaggerated female forms than even real life (including most high dollar strip clubs). Nor are they allowed to open their eyes outside.

Now that we have established how outrageous your initial excuse was:
Shame on you for trying to use children to get YOUR way. So much for "responsible adults" and "positive role models".

And one other point.
What praytell, are you doing playing video games when you are supposed to be supervising children?

/rant OFF

One second though, I have further points.

The world of Star Trek is something most of us would LOVE to have our children exposed to and/or live in. A world where tolerance, understanding, respect, and bettering oneself are NORMAL.

Would that not include tolerance of other's choice of avatar looks, attire, and ship? In the manner of your above request, the next thing you might ask for is to get rid of all klingon/ferengi/orion/alien avatars and only show humans.

I hope my children are NEVER around you.

Good day.

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