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05-30-2010, 01:07 AM
Who We Are

We are a Fleet that strives to improve the game enjoyment of its members by providing an atmosphere that promotes participation in a fun, low stress and supportive social environment. You will find that we support our member's by assisting them in achieving any of their goals. Who believe that who we are is clearly reflected by our uncomplicated Rules of Conduct, our straitforward Rank System and in the qualties we expect from our offices.

General Information

We have a very nice website:

We also have our own Ventrilo voice server.

To Join: Go to our website and click "Join"


Contact me in game. Salias@aeternali

Rear Admiral: Salias T'Pimmi
Captain: U.S.S. Cataclysm, NCC - 93109
Leader: DarkStar Squadron

Fleet Rules of Conduct

Have fun!
This is why we play the game right? Don't forget that fact.

Help others to have fun!
Itís expected that you play to have fun but that does not give you the right to have fun at other people's expense. You should do all that you can to make sure your friends are having fun as well. Regardless of rank or position no one has the right to treat another with indignity or disrespect.

Real Life Comes First!
We all have events in our lives that interrupt our plans and demand our immediate attention. Be flexible with those who have had real issues taking them away from the game.

Be Patient!
With enough time and effort anything in the game is possible. Learn from your setbacks, work on your goals and be patient.

Be Honest!
We do not lie, cheat or steal from others or tolerate those among us who do.

Fleet Ranks

New Member
New Members are members who have recenly joined the fleet. This rank's main purpose is to let the rest of the guild know who the new members are so they can introduce themselves or offer assistance. After a 30 day introductory period new members will be promoted to Member.

Members are fleet members in good standing, who actively participate in fleet functions and events. To be promoted to Member you must either have completed your 30 day introductory period as a New Member, be recommended for promotion by a Junior Officer or higher or have another character with the rank of Member

Senior Member
Senior Members are veteran members who are very active and supportive of the fleet. In order to be promoted to Senior Member or higher you must be at max level, have no discipline issues and very active within the guild

Junior Officer
Junior Officers are fleet officers with a narrower scope of responsibility than a Senior Officer. Examples of a Junior Officer would be a member that fulfilled a single management role such a Forum Moderator, Web Master, Ventrilo Moderator, Class Leader, or a Raid Leader.

Senior Officer
Senior Officers are fleet officerd that assist the Fleet Leaders in managing multiple aspects of the Fleet. Examples of a Junior Officer would be a member that fulfilled multiple management roles such a Forum Moderator, Web Master, Ventrilo Moderator, Class Leader, or a Raid Leader.

Vice Leader
A Vice Leader is a completely trusted member of the Fleet. They share the responsibility of the overall Fleet management with the Fleet Leader.

The Fleet Leader is effectively responsible for the overall management of the Fleet.

Officer Promotions

Officers are fleet members who manage all aspects of the fleet. Because of the level of responsibility these positions require they are the hardest to achieve. Members who wish to become officers must clearly must demonstrate the following traits.

This is not an age requirement but any member who desires to hold an officer position must demonstrate they are mature enough to handle the responsibilities the position requires.

To be effective as an officer you must gain the trust of not only the other guild officers but of the members as well.

You must treat all other members with respect and dignity at all times without regard to rank or position. In order to gain the respect of others you must first show them respect.

The position of officer requires that you are loyal to the fleet as a whole. You cannot show favoritism to any one individual or group within or outside of the fleet. Your loyalty to the overall fleet is expected to be reflected in the decisions you make and actions your take.

The ability to lead is not the same as barking order at other members. Itís about inspiring others to improve, helping others to progress and leading by example.

You must do what is right, follow the fleet rules and do what is expected at all times even when no one is watching. The rules must be applied equally and fairly at all times.

The position of Officer is reserved for those who not only meet the other requirements but are also among the most active in the guild.
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05-30-2010, 02:51 AM
Welcome to Starbase One and good luck with your fleet!
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Originally Posted by Captain_Shephard
Welcome to Starbase One and good luck with your fleet!

Take care,
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I am creating a fleet database to allow possible applicants find the right fleet for them. I added this fleet and you can find it on the following URL:

Could you review the information and let me know if this is accurate, or adjust it yourself by claiming it? Thank you in advance.

Kind regards.
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05-30-2010, 12:39 PM
Yes, it appears accurate. Though we do have several members from the UK.

This is very nice.

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05-30-2010, 03:35 PM
This is a very nice system by the way.

Very good concept as well.
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05-31-2010, 06:57 PM
I have updated our site and the forums are now finshed.
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09-04-2010, 03:48 PM
We have had some turn over and looking to rebuild the fleet.

We are looking for officers as well as members.


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